Hudson is my boy.

I’m still in shock.  I’ve loved and ridden him for years.  Bella retired him from roping, and he’s now (I thought) my low-level dressage prospect.  That idea was shattered the other day when a small child lost control of her horse in the arena.  We were cantering around the short side with the exploding horse coming sideways right at us.  Hudson would have stopped instantly, but there still would have been a crash.  I had a split second.  I asked him to switch leads and half-circle around impending disaster. Instantaneous flying change, perfectly executed.  It looked planned.   It felt amazing.  I kept looking down.  Did he really do that?  Are we really on the right lead now??

I texted Bella: flying changes? it saved our butts: crashing students.  what else don’t I know??

Bella: he’s finished thru 4th level?  Did I forget to tell you that?

Yup.  Just slipped her mind.

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