Flotsam, Jetsam, Dressage Ride, and Tracking Collars


I have several posts in the works, but no time to complete them.  Official Ramble Alert.

Alice and I took the boys to the dentist (road trip!).

I was unable to have a life because I had to watch every second of the World Series.  (GO GIANTS!) I am so NOT cut out for fandom.  I can’t take the suspense.  I had to do something, or I’d chew my fingers down to the knuckle.   I ironed maniacaly instead. First time in years we have no ironing pile.

I was watching the game, ironing as if my life depended on knife pleats, and intermittently running to the door to hurl candy at little kids in costumes (Halloween still occurs when the World Series is on? That’s wrong). Moms were shepherding their kids, and the dads are leaning into the door frame, wild-eyed.  “Is that the game? What’s the score?”

I shoot out all the pertinent information while tossing candy into bags: “bottom of the 5th, three-zero giants, 2  strikes, Posey up with 2 and 2.”  On TV, the crowd roars.  I glance over my shoulder.  “Make that 3 and 2.”

It’s as if I learned to speak Greek overnight.

Tracking Collars:

For those who followed the last Giants post, here are the tracking collars.  I’m thinking there’s a whole horse market out there for these. Horse-size and Rider-size:

San Francisco Giants Tornado MLB Authentic Collection Titanium 22″ Necklace by PHITEN – MLB.com Shop.

The above link stopped working, I’m guessing they sold out.  Here’s the same collar necklace in LA Angels colors.

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Daisy and Jane Explain Baseball to Each Other, and The Giants Win the World Series…

With apologies to Texas fans, who I’m sure are just as invested.

First, let me say I know nothing about sports.  Yes, the entire grouping of sports that do not include hooves.   I tease Micah and Shaun, who love baseball, basketball, and football, by pretending to know less than I do.

Example: during something called the “Final Four” (?) Micah and Shaun were so tense I thought I’d lighten things up a little.  I know the Final Four is basketball.  That’s all I know.  So I say things like: “Why did the umpire do that?”  and “How come the umpire isn’t wearing stripes?”

They hate me.

The Giants made it to the World Series.  I know this, because I actually watched the games.  (FEAR THE BEARD!)  I got excited! I asked a billion questions! I don’t know what anything means!  (Except of course, that the Skater Dude is a phenomenal pitcher, that’s just obvious.) But all these balls and strikes and how many balls walk the player to base? How clear is that?  And foul balls?  I get the foul ball zone. Easy.  But how come you can hit the ball a million times and not have it be a strike if it always goes into a foul?

So I’m asking questions like “can you steal home base?” and “why does everyone spit?”

Shaun and Micah went somewhere else to watch tonight’s game. There’s another question I don’t get answered.  I come from the “If you win the game you won the game” planet.  I do NOT understand how The Giants made it into the World Series, and won, and now they have to play AGAIN to see who wins?

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