Global Solutions for Positive Directive Implementation

There. That title should satisfy your boss, should they walk by on a Friday, when you are reading doing research at TLH.

You may have seen this already, but I missed it the first time around.  It’s worth muting the ad and looking extremely busy until the video starts. You’ll need the sound on low (or better, ear buds), and a way to keep yourself from laughing out loud.

Drinking beverages past minute 3 are not advised. That’s when “The Riding Instructor” begins to get side-splitting.  I mean, informative.

Disclaimer from your International Response Manager:

do not try this super fun title generator at work if IT tracks which sites you visit. (BS is in website title)

A Camping We Will Go…

Technically, it is possible for me to post from my cell phone. But I’m guessing anything more than a sentence or two would give me serious finger cramps. And some wild “auto correct” phrases. Add in: no idea if we will have a signal.

We’re going to be gone a few days.

FYI, in case TLH has a hidden burglar readership, we have an alarm, a house sitter, and we borrowed a pit bull that flunked out of dog training. Plus (sigh) we have nothing worth burgling. Don’t break the window, ask the neighbor for a key, and please do not put the milk carton back in the fridge after you drink out of it. You could dead head the roses while you’re here…?  (It would look less conspicuous, and they’d be pretty when we return!)

Hopefully we’ll have some silly stories to tell when we come back, that do not involve disaster calenders or office visits.  I’m seriously hoping my Skunk Karma has been resolved.

Please, to the skunks who read TLH, know I respect you, and would never, ever believe the ridiculous cartoon starring Pepe Le Pew represents you in any way…

(le giggle)

Property of Warner Brothers…

In Which We Watch A Good Cutting Horse Do His Job

Meet Rhodie. I thought it would be fun for us to watch some excellent cutting work. Rhodie belongs to a friend of Bella’s.  I think you’ll have the same reaction I did, and love watching Kathy ride. She’s incredibly fluid on a super quick, cowy horse. She makes it look effortless, as if the horse is doing all the work, and she’s just along for the ride: just like an upper level rider of any discipline.

It shows again: good riding is good riding, whatever you decide to do. Pair good riding up with an exceptional horse, and you get this super quiet, laser-focused team.

As the video starts, focus on the woman off to the right, in the white hat, who appears to be doing…not much. Horse and rider are astoundingly quiet. It seems to me, you’d have to be completely in the zone to get such a non-reaction out of a herd of steers.

Being the DQ (wannabe) who accidentally cut a steer on her visit to watch roping practice, I can say that for Rhodie to come off the steer the instant she asked, go immediately ‘invisible’, and ease back into the herd  – that’s just plain amazing.

Maybe we’ll get lucky, and Kathy will be able to join us, and tell us a little about the skills needed for cutting, if she has time!

Note: Rhodie is no longer for sale, he was sold yesterday. Bella’s hauling him to his new home today!