Murphy Monday: Murphy Goes to First Grade, and Gets Hooked

What? Of course it’s Monday.

Today is Magical Thinking Tuesday. Therefore: it’s Monday.

Recently, Daisy wore her shirt backwards all day. Therefore: it was Backwards Day. Hudson  had his first “I Love You From Not Very Afar” day. (Much to his eternal shame.) Shaun has had several “Opposite” days.  Almost every day is “Crazy Dress” day for me.

We prefer thinking of them as First Grade Moments, instead of: “Uh. Whoops.”

Wow. Apparently I’m having a “Blather” day.

Thankfully, we have short footage of Murphy actually moving. If  I video, I get a lot of “hi hi hi hi hi hi hi”. Here he is, in first grade, with trainer Nathalie Guion.   He’s hooked all right.  Check out Nathalie reeling him in at the end.