The Poetry of Marriage

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The Kentucky Derby

I may be the only horse person in the country who forgot to watch the Kentucky Derby.  Who, uh, forgot it was even this weekend.  (Or I wouldn’t have posted the goofy jockey video.  Bad timing.  Sorry racing fans.)

Shaun is currently at work in one of the U.S. swine flu states, trying to get some business protocol in place in case.  We’re not currently in the same time zone.

I’m used to being stumped by Shaun’s texts, emails, and messages.  She believes in extreme editing.  It’s minimalist art for her.  Get your message across in the least amount of words possible.  I’m convinced she thinks I’m psychic.

Where I’d use 600 words to fill you in, she would use 2.  (I know, I know.   I could use some of that.)

I’ve learned to fit the entire contents of an email in the Subject Line.  Otherwise, she won’t read it.  It’s kinda fun, in the way a puzzle you’re not good at is fun.  Would you understand this if it came with a blank email?

RE: m hairline arm tree  SMHER  fine  call LL, not fine

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