Canine Interuptus

SkunkAThon break.

Oh, there’s more.  But my dog informs me I’m spending far too much time clicking the white thing, and far too little time skunk hunting.  Which, by the way, is a Real Job.  With purpose. Unlike clicking on the white thing.  And scaring people with unedited tales that are FAR too long.

Meet our guest blogger for the day: TCP

Closer….closer…that’s it…

…look deeply into my eyes.  You feel no need to read TLH on a regular basis.  In fact, you feel an urgent need to go home and walk your dog.  Or ride your horse.  Or ride someone else’s horse.  Or chase a cat.

(Oh. Whoops.  My bad.)

I will offer inspirational movies.  They will remind you humans what real work and proper animal care look like.  As soon as the movies are over, you will feel calm, serene, and energized.

Only walking your dog will release this energy…you feel compelled to walk your dog…the clogged-up, stinky creek is perfect.  Remove the leash….that’s it….remove the leash…