Canine Interuptus

SkunkAThon break.

Oh, there’s more.  But my dog informs me I’m spending far too much time clicking the white thing, and far too little time skunk hunting.  Which, by the way, is a Real Job.  With purpose. Unlike clicking on the white thing.  And scaring people with unedited tales that are FAR too long.

Meet our guest blogger for the day: TCP

Closer….closer…that’s it…

…look deeply into my eyes.  You feel no need to read TLH on a regular basis.  In fact, you feel an urgent need to go home and walk your dog.  Or ride your horse.  Or ride someone else’s horse.  Or chase a cat.

(Oh. Whoops.  My bad.)

I will offer inspirational movies.  They will remind you humans what real work and proper animal care look like.  As soon as the movies are over, you will feel calm, serene, and energized.

Only walking your dog will release this energy…you feel compelled to walk your dog…the clogged-up, stinky creek is perfect.  Remove the leash….that’s it….remove the leash…

Carnival of the Horses

Many thanks to our generous contributors, and Kim of Enlightened Horsemanship, for giving The Literary Horse the opportunity to host such a wonderful event!

Welcome to the October 1, 2009 edition of Carnival of the Horses

Ishtar presents Keeping the tail high! Esther Garvi: aka Ishtar News posted at Esther Garvi.

The Pet Chatter presents Does my horse have hoof pain? posted at Pet Chatter, saying, “Why don’t horses tell animal communicators about their hoof pain? Why are they so stoic?”

Mary Forney presents Modern Veterinary Medicine Seminar: Equine Stem Cell Research posted at Mary Forney’s Blog.

Gin Getz presents Going alone posted at High Mountain Horse Blog.

Lara DeHaven presents #1 Rule of Riding posted at Cross Creek Horsemanship.

Patrick Bernauw presents Lady Wonder, or: The Psychic Detective Was a Horse! | Socyberty posted at Socyberty.

Simrat presents Respect posted at Akal Ranch, saying, “Regaining and maintaining respect with your horse is an ongoing thing.”

Liz Goldsmith presents I hate the sound of a loose shoe. | Equine Products Review posted at Equine Ink & Equine Products Review.

Liz Goldsmith presents When your horse gets kicked. | Equine Products Review posted at Equine Ink & Equine Products Review.

Marissa Q presents Tucker the Wunderkind: “I think Marissa actually had fun” posted at Tucker the Wunderkind, saying, “This is one of my more detailed entries, where I give a play-by-play of our horse show experience, and how my horse and I performed.”

Kate presents What is Progress? (Updated) posted at A Year With Horses.

Wendy presents Intuitive Horsemanship « Wendy’s Horse Adventures posted at Wendy’s Horse Adventures.

Nicku Bastani presents Faith Under Pressure posted at Eye On The Horse, saying, “This is a longer but meaningful post, I do all different kinds from my day to day horsey adventures to pretty cool product reviews and informational how-tos as well…if you check out my blog and see something you’d like better as a post, just let me know!”

enlightenedhorsemanship presents Anybody Else Need A Vacation? posted at enlightened horsemanship through touch.

Lisa Illichmann presents Lisa Illichmann » Big Scary Horse posted at Lisa Illichmann

That concludes this edition.

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