Murphy’s Big Surprise!

The stall door rolled back, and Daisy tried to lead his mom out.  Barbie, who hates being inside, would not leave her stall. It took a lot of convincing: a helper had to get Murphy halfway through the door before she would budge.

Barbie is a Supermom.  She went from:

“What IS that thing“…to…

It’s mine.  All mine. I love it. I want it. He’s MINE.”

Five hours after giving birth, she was ready for the cover of Ladies Home Journal. She needed a little help with the idea that nursing doesn’t happen in 2 second bursts.  Daisy and Molly took turns holding her yesterday, so the baby could get in a good hour of steady nursing when he needed to nurse. Today?  Barbie has it down cold.

Murphy wasn’t afraid to step out (with help) ahead of his mother. His face was confused, then wondering, then filled with surprise. He’s in the barn aisle. Just outside the open stall door. He looks up.

This place is HUGE. Whoa. You mean where mom and I live is not Whole World?

Barbie finally walks out, constantly checking to make sure he’s right next to her.  He’s completely in tune with her concern, and sticks close.

There’s more? [ear swivel, swivel] I don’t get it… Oops, where’s mom? Okay. Okay. I’m just gonna press into her side. I won’t look. Just go with Mom. Go with mom.

Daisy and Molly turn him out in Kathryn’s sale-prospect showing arena.  It’s like a giant round pen. Perfect size for his first time out. Barbie looks at all that sand, groans, and drops. I GET TO ROLL NOW!!!

Murphy: I can go really fast on these things! This place is…is…BIG. Wow. What did I just do? That was fun.  How did I do that? I want to do it again. Maybe if I…

Why are humans laughing? I think I just flew in the air! MOM! Mom, LOOK.  Look what I can do!!! Watch me mommy!  Look at what I can do!

I can FLY!!!!! And do…uh…other stuff…

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What an awesome world.

It’s his second day on the planet, and he can do THIS. No wonder horses think humans are developmentally  impaired.