Holiday Horse Parade, With a Bonus Video

Please meet our next holiday horse (honorary), from Laura. This is Dunbar, looking much more elegant and poised than Santa.

In unrelated news, Deck the Halls, brought to you by animals everywhere, and one creative human:

(Watch the whooooole thing: you will be pleasantly surprised it’s not your ordinary cute pet video)

Aw, c’mon.  I had to tag the post as gay and lesbian.  It’s Deck the Halls.  The carol that has the bit about donning gay apparel?

What is gay apparel?  I’d know how to dress!  No more guess-work.

If only Bloomingdale’s had a section: Women, Men, Gay Apparel, Juniors, Children, Housewares, Shoes, Better Dresses, Cosmetics, Furniture.  So appealing.