We Haz More Kute Fol Piktures

Sorry, we have/had a temporary glitch in our programming.  While we wait for Jane to get it together, we have more Muprhy photos. We’ll try not to become The Murphy Channel.

Murphy Mondays sound good?  In the mean time, on to Murphy Friday.

Hi. Hi hi hi hi hi hi HI!

Mommy rolled.  Murphy watched intently.

Murphy trying to roll:

The reason, even if we are not Arabians,why as mothers, we need tail bags:

Hey.  It’s dark in here. Cool.

Look Fenway!  This is what I’d look like if I were a mule.  I am as handsome as you….right?  Betcha didn’t know I could do imitations.

Mommmmmm….I’m hurrying already…

Oh. Hi. You’re still here?  I’m just going to….Zzzzzzzzzz

Yoga.  Good for foals.  Mom taught me.

Thith thing is thupposthed to be in my mowth! Wanna thee how it worths?