No! Of Course I Never Text While Riding

I was shocked the first time I saw someone talking on their cell phone while mounted. I’m amazed at how acclimated to technology one can become.

The other day, I saw Bella cantering cardio laps on Dinero, and waved, calling out a hello before I realized she was on the phone.  Oops.  My bad. Almost interrupted her call. She dropped the reins on Dinero’s neck, so she could wave back. She said something into the phone.  Picked up the reins.  I went on down to the barn.

Totally normal.

Shaun called me the other day, to see if I needed her to pick anything up from the store on her way home from work.

“Are you at the barn?” she asked.

“Yup”, I said, shifting the phone to a better place against my ear.  I hate that it’s impossible to cradle a cell phone between ear and shoulder.

“What’s your ETA for being home?” she asks.

Dinero, knock it off“, I say firmly, jiggling the lead rope.  He’s trying to sneak past his ponying position.

“What?!” says Shaun, startled.  “Did you just tell me to knock it off?  Knock what off?”

Hudson starts jigging underneath me. Oh.  I have the Dinero’s lead and Hudson’s reins in the same hand.  I accidentally shook the reins.  Interesting response. Wonder if he could learn to passage with a jiggle of the reins?

“Sorry honey, I was talking to a horse.” I say.

“A talking horse? I think you’re breaking up?” Shaun says, “the line is kind of…jumpy.”

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