Murphy Friday: Color Wheeling

The first thing I did, the night we returned from camping, was to go see Hudson. Literally. Okay, maybe I threw some grain at him. So he’d stand still long enough for me to “see” him in the late evening light. I wanted to hug him, like a pony crazed 10-year-old.

So I did.

Jane: [Huuuuuuuug]

Hudson: Jane. I can’t chew and swallow grain if you are choking me.  Glad to see you, etc. etc. But it’s my grain. Mind moving, please?

So I hugged his butt, laying my cheek on his cheek. I believe we were both happy. I’m pretty sure he didn’t miss me at all, and that’s good. It means he’s been happy and content, which I already knew, since Bella took care of him.

Life feels much more approachable when one’s cheek has been on a horse’s rump.

The second thing I did: see Murphy and Barbie. (I didn’t wait for my camera batteries to recharge.  So we have cell photos.) I expected he’d change in a week.  I knew he was scheduled to go out to pasture with mom on July 1.

I did not expect Super Foal:

His head is filling out, looking less foal-ish and more horsey. He will absolutely grow into the promise his ears made.

He’s huge. Everything has changed. His rear end hit a grow spurt.  Possibly encouraged by the freedom of running in pasture.  Major engine power.

We have color shifting.  It’s not the color he’ll end up, but it’s fun to hang on the wheel while it turns! The baby fuzz is wearing off on the tips of his ears, a spot on his neck, and his withers are definitely a shade darker.

Barbie was happy to see me. Until she realized I did not have grain. The absence of grain makes her cranky. Still, I had to hug her too, and she tolerated my hug.

She loves me. Happy sigh.

Murphy was curious to see me. I had the sinking feeling I fell off his radar. I hugged him, and hovered, stroking and touching him. He was mystified, but didn’t move, and seemed to enjoy the attention.

Murphy Monday, with real camera, here we come!

Murphy Monday: Hey! I Resemble You!

Murphy meets Daisy’s niece:

Mom! Mom mom mom mom…LOOK, a mini human! Aren’t they cute?!? Can I have it? Pleeeeeeaze mommy…it followed me home.  I don’t think it has a place to live. Can it live with us? Pleeeze mom, can I keep it, pleeeeeeze…?

Aw dang it.  I wanted a pet. Oh well.  Mom says they can visit.

And here’s a picture of me and mom, I think we look alike, except I’m handsomer, because I’m a guy:

Mom and Son, Photo taken by Bella’s Mom

Murphy Monday: Growth Spurt!

Due to Shaun’s unexpected participation in the Disaster of The Month club, and it’s included, grueling, Doctor Visit Marathon, I hadn’t seen Barbie or Murphy all week.

Shaun won the Marathon, btw: she was at a different doctor’s office every day, and TWO on Thursday.  The Marathon has a delightful prize. If you flip to page 87 in The Mom Manual, you’ll see any hurt person in the household has a right to invoke The Doctor Clause on appointment day: entire family gets as much ice cream as they want.

I’m thrilled Shaun picked frozen yogurt.  (I’ve only increased one clothing size instead of six, and I discovered that I like Tart Mango.) I confess, I received a distinct, if possibly exaggerated, OOOF from Hudson when my tushy hit the saddle leather.

Shaun needs to see Murphy every weekend, despite her horse anxiety.  We went on Saturday, and Daisy’s mysterious text suddenly made sense.  Out of the blue this week, I received this text from Daisy:


That’s it. No explanation.

The second I saw Murphy, I texted Daisy back:


He hit an enormous growth spurt. I promise better pictures.  Forgot the camera.  (Duh. Kinda important when you want to take pics.)

Shaun took most of these with my cell.  She couldn’t risk getting her cast bumped, so had to stay out of the stall.

I can go out by myself now, if you’d just move over a little…? No, really. I swear. Then why am I whispering? Uh…because I don’t want to bother mom? Of course she knows, she…YES MOM, I’m right here. No mom, I’m not leaving

Me and Auntie Jane. Did you know the two legs get short as they get older?  Mine are getting short fast. They must be really old.

I’m a grown horse now.  I eat what mom eats! But I still get the good stuff too. My mom shrunk a little bit.  I have to crink my neck to get the liquid stuff. Frustrating.

Even though she shrunk a little, my mommy is big.  Someone said my daddy is big. They said I’m going to be big too.  I don’t know what they’re talking about.  Why is everyone shrinking?

Whatever. As long as I can reach the green stuff.

Murphy Monday: In Which We Discover…Stuff

I, Murphy, have Discovered a New Thing.

I shall call it…”Rock”.

When humans trick each other, they might stand around looking up at the sky.  Everyone else stops and looks up.

HAHA. Invisible jump!!

I shall call this discovery: “Wet”.  It’s strangely tasteless. Mom?  Why do you drink this stuff?

This is a two-legged.  They are good for getting rid of itches.  I call her “Bringer of Green Leafs and Sticks That Loves Us”. Auntie Jane calls her “Daisy”.  Whatever that is.

I have discovered a new exercise: Crouching Foal, Hidden Stallion.

(Goes well with Long-Suffering Mom. Barbie, you are such a good mom! You are SO getting a massage.)

I have discovered: I have the best mom in the whoooole world. I love her.

That thing?  I don’t know what it’s called. (I haven’t thought of a name yet) But someday? The Biped Who Brings Green Sticks and Leaves and Loves Us is going to see it just like this, between my ears, and we are gonna FLY.

Murphy Monday: Barbie Teaches Murphy The Art of Posing

You can never get them ready too early for paparazzi…

First, you stand like this…then turn your head just so…Murphy, are you listening?!?

Now this is a hunter pose..

Murphy!  Bring that inside hind back just a little…and ears forward…no no no, turn your head more toward the camera…or look straight ahead! There’s no inbetween…

that’s it…much better.  Too bad the photographer cut you off.

Mommy? When I get teeth? Guess wat I’m gonna do?

Murphy Monday: The First Jump

Oh Hai.

11 days old.  Nope. Not shy.

It was gray and rainy yesterday. Mostly dry, but cloudy over night. Since the presentation arena was in use, Murphy got his first introduction to the grass paddock. His surprise was evident at the change in traction from sand to grass, but he adjusted himself quickly, and off he went, surefooted.

Mom. You went right by…this. What is…this?

Mom is ignoring me. Mommmmmmm. There’s this big black thing and I don’t know what…


I know what it is!  It’s FUN!  I wanna do this again. Mom look. Look look look I can jump!

I can FLY…

There goes mom again. Whatever. Tried it. Didn’t do much for me.  What’s over there?

This is my Auntie Jane. Did you know humans were collapsible? Really.  They fold up. Sometimes they’re as tall as my mom and sometimes they are as short as me.

Thanks for taking our picture, Shaun…

We Haz More Kute Fol Piktures

Sorry, we have/had a temporary glitch in our programming.  While we wait for Jane to get it together, we have more Muprhy photos. We’ll try not to become The Murphy Channel.

Murphy Mondays sound good?  In the mean time, on to Murphy Friday.

Hi. Hi hi hi hi hi hi HI!

Mommy rolled.  Murphy watched intently.

Murphy trying to roll:

The reason, even if we are not Arabians,why as mothers, we need tail bags:

Hey.  It’s dark in here. Cool.

Look Fenway!  This is what I’d look like if I were a mule.  I am as handsome as you….right?  Betcha didn’t know I could do imitations.

Mommmmmm….I’m hurrying already…

Oh. Hi. You’re still here?  I’m just going to….Zzzzzzzzzz

Yoga.  Good for foals.  Mom taught me.

Thith thing is thupposthed to be in my mowth! Wanna thee how it worths?

Murphy Says Hi

I visited, and only had my cell phone in with me, at least in the beginning. (That’s a disclaimer for bad, fuzzy pictures.)

But at times, bad, fuzzy pictures tell a cute story:


Oh hi.

Heyyyyyyy…I remember you! Hi!


Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!! Nice leg.  Hi.


Just hanging out. Saying hi.

You know, hi.

Ummmm. Hi.

Are all human legs blue?


He didn’t push, nudge, or frisk. He didn’t touch me.

He  noticed I was off in a corner, walked over, stood close, and said hi. A lot.

I stroked his neck, and didn’t make a big deal out of him. I forced myself to be the casual instead of doting Auntie. (This was very very hard.)  He already has the concept of space bubbles thanks to Barbie’s strict rules. I didn’t invite him in, and he stayed out.

(So painful not to scoop him up and do all the wrong things!)