Mr. Chips Greatest Hits

Header photo by orangebrompton

I’ll keep updating this page, as I flip through my memory Rolodex, or hear one again that makes me say “Chips LOVED that!”  There were also pieces he hated (opinionated pony) that would make him trot off in frustration.  I wasn’t a big fan of Erik Satie myself.

Mr. Chips All Time Favorite: In The Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

Mr. Chips #2 Favorite: Ride of the Valkyries, Wagner, from “The Ring”

This is one that made him rest his muzzle on the window sill and drift off: The Arabian Dance from The Nutcracker Suite

Sure to bring on a wild bucking pony:  (oops, it wasn’t the Beethovan’s 9th (Ode to Joy), it was Beethovan’s 5th.  Duh, some musician, can’t keep the  numbers straight.

Mr. Chips liked almost anything by Clementi. It was the first thing he ever heard live on a piano, so I wonder if that has something to do with it? This wasn’t the first Clementi piece he heard, but it’s a lovely interpretation of one he liked. Or hung around for. Whatever we want to call it!

The first piece of piano music Mr. Chips heard in person. Couldn’t find any pro’s on YouTube playing this, it’s a very popular kids recital piece. But I liked her touch. It’s difficult, especially for a kid, not to get carried away and play it at train wreck speed.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata: Mr. Chips favorite late summer evening music when it hasn’t yet cooled off enough to make a pony frisky and comfortable. It put him in a trance.

Claire de Lune, as long as were on the romantics, we may as well go into some romantic impressionism. Van Cliburn performing: amazing restraint and delicacy. Mr. Chips seemed to only like sections of this…probably because it was a piece I played (NOT like this…) and worked certain sections over and over again until I felt happier with it. He seemed to perk up at the runs and key changes.

M. Chips also liked Gershwin, which cracked me up, for some reason.  What’s not to like, right?  He intensely disliked the honking horns in American in Paris, but loved the second section.  He’d listen to American in Paris, unsure about it:  pinning his hears at the honking horns and discordant notes, and then wait for the part he liked.  Definitely into melodic, this pony.  But something About A in P brought out excitement in him, and he’d frequently trot around tossing his head.  I picked this version because it’s fun to watch as well as listen.  These are real pianists, who really played this piece with four pianos, then recorded themselves “playing” the piece on a table.  Super fun, and very well done.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Chips Greatest Hits

  1. This is SO weird – I just started listening to Mr. Chips’ favorite, and when I looked out the window, our half-Shetland painted pony, Apache Moon, is standing in the front field staring into my window, eyes and ears riveted!

    I’ve opened the window and am giving him the full playlist. LOL.

    1. Maybe it’s a pony thing?? Mr. Chips would be so proud that another pony liked his favorites. (Well, he’d expect it…!) I just love this. Thank you for sharing Apache Moon’s response. 🙂

      Now I want to find the rest of them so we can do a double blind pony music study!

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