Horse Blogs

HorseBloggers founded by Stacey Kimmel Smith at Behind the Bit.

Are you a blogger who writes about (non-cloven) hoofed quadrupeds? (We have a loose definition of  ‘horse’: a number of goats wiggled their way into becoming honorary horses, by virtue of living with them.)

Come join Horse Bloggers, a community of people who love horses and blog about various aspects of life with horses.  Bounce ideas off each other, get inspiration, help, and cake (oops, I think cake may only be available at TLH).  Want to join HorseBloggers?  See how in comments section!

You Are Here:


Try Here and Here and HERE:

Behind the Bit


Five O’Clock Somewhere

Five O’clock Somewhere

Ink Eq

A little black pony

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Riding Instructor’s Diary


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Eventing Akhal Tekes



Girl plus horse

Historical Horse:

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9 thoughts on “Horse Blogs

    1. Sorry Margaret, I’ve been away from the blog, and just caught this. I’ll email you as soon as I get it together, and welcome to blogdom. 😉 Check out HayNet (Link on right of main page) too, it’s a wonderful group of horse bloggers, that works a bit like FaceBook combined with multiple blogs. Very nice group!

  1. How do I join the Google Horse blogs group?

    I so enjoyed your story about Mr. Chips and music. HorseCentric sent me your link after she saw my clip of my horse. Red Rabbit, playing piano.
    Now I have GOT to get hold of “Mountain King” so he can pick up some pointers.

    1. Great question! (instructions off of

      1. Go to the Google Groups home page. Sign in if you already have a membership. If not, go to Step 2 to join.
      2. Select the link for “Create an Account Now,” which is on the right side of the screen. Walk through the online form and input your personalized information.
      3. Enter “Horsebloggers” into the search box.
      4. When you can’t get in, you will have the option to “Apply for Membership.” Select this option.
      5. Stop off at the first group of words to let them know how to notify you of new postings. Type in a nickname for yourself. If you don’t have one, make it up. Be sure to tell them a little bit about yourself in the large box or they will discard your application.

      (I’m not sure if that last sentence is true…if you have to tell something about yourself to enter or not.)

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