About The Christmas Present

Nine inches tall (we had to measure for our home owners association) and we now think a possible Dandie Dinmont terrier or DD cross.  The shelter advertised him as a Lhasa-Poo: someone saw Ooooo/fluffy/adorable and hazarded a best guess.  He is inexhaustible.   Definitely terrier something.  Low on lap dog qualities (I tossed the pink dog purse), and he points out small game, including french fries.  Currently 17 months old, and still very much a puppy.  Sweet, affectionate, likes his space, obsessed with gym socks and a stuffed moose with orange antlers.

When he’s bored, or needs our attention, he brings us something he’s not supposed to have.  Well, how about that, here he is with the DVD case of Paradise Road.  A few hours ago he brought me the DVD cord.  Maybe he’s looking for a movie career.

He’s very charismatic.  Really.  I’m not saying that because he’s OUR dog.

Our beloved dog that passed away drew no attention.  No one even realized we owned a dog.  EVERYONE knows we have a dog now.  The neighborhood kids knock solemnly on the door and ask if Christmas can come out and play.  People stop to say “What a GREAT dog”.  Weird.  We had a great dog before, and he was invisible by comparison…oh hang on, I’m being handed a bar of soap.  How on earth did a nine inch tall dog get ahold of a bar of soap?  Someone wants my full attention.  Really bad…ewww that must taste terrible.

He jumped into the empty box by himself on Christmas morning…

Christmas Day

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