About Shaun

Shaun is very private, even when she’s anonymous.  She is THE smartest person I’ve ever known, and one of the bravest.  I couldn’t imagine (or handle) trying to do what she does in Corporate America on a daily basis.  This is a woman who stands by what she believes in, admits it up front when she’s wrong, and sticks up for other people who have been wrongly thrown under the bus in a cut throat work world.  She’ll stick up fiercely for me even if privately, she thinks I’m dead wrong.  She’s also a very attractive (AND VERY TAKEN – don’t even THINK about it) butch lesbian.  Which makes her life a lot harder, and her bravery even more impressive.

She’s one of those one-in-a-million catches: brilliant, a babe, committed, loving, generous, kind, truthful and has an amazing mind.  You know those people.  The ones that can think circles around really good thinkers?  That’s Shaun.  But the funny thing is, she doesn’t know it, and wouldn’t admit it.

To Shaun, horses are all giant mutant evil rottweilers that escaped from Three Mile Island.  She has to work very hard at being okay with me doing something that to her is outrageously dangerous.  She thinks working around horses is like skipping the parachute, and throwing yourself out of a plane with an umbrella.  She’s hit the being “okay” point more or less, and has actually gone the extra thousand miles from being okay to being supportive: she’ll suggest “why don’t you ride while I work out at the gym?”  I can see her working hard not to cringe while she says it.

This same woman actually got ON a horse once to impress me (though I didn’t know it at the time).  That would sort of be the equivalent of me running for Congress.  Unimaginable.  The Horror.

We are nothing alike.  Which keeps things very interesting.  We are constantly looking at each other thinking “It’s clear she’s being earnest here and trying, I can see her mouth moving, but I don’t understand the words…what does she MEAN?

My favorite answer to the question “How long have you been together?” is “Not long enough.”

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