About Jane

We’ve established that I’m gay so let’s move on.

I’m married to Shaun, we have kids, a dog, and a horse.   I love sushi and Lucky Charms, but not together.  I have an addiction to cake.  Being unusually smart, I buy it by the slice to make getting it more difficult.  What can I say?  I’m one sick puppy.  I get to have it, but it has to hurt or I’d eat nothing BUT cake.  Which would definitely tick off several horses I know.  I was a Girl Scout: I believe in the motto “Be Prepared”.  I keep forks in my glove box.  You know , in case there’s a food emergency.

I believe everything can be related back to animals or food.  Try me. I recently realized when I give directions, all my landmarks are food related.  Want to know where the library is?  Turn right at the Supermarket, stay in the lane farthest away from the pastry section, pass the frozen yogurt parking lot, turn left at the Burger King, right onto the street I can’t remember the name of…the one with the Popeye’s chicken?  And voila – you’re there.  I think it’s near some sort of city building.  Whole bunch of police cars parked next door.

Yes, I know about Over Eaters Anonymous.  Great program.

I ride a variety of horses of different breeds and disciplines, but Dressage fascinates me.  I like the simplicity of it. It doesn’t come naturally to me, I have to work my tushy off.  I’m an adequate/competent rider.  My goal is to be a good rider.  I’m no great shakes at dressage.  In the Dressage world, I’d place myself at Training Level test 4.

When I say good rider, I mean the kind of rider you’d LOVE to have ride your horse, and have the horse grudgingly say “okay, if I have to be ridden, at least it’s by you”.  I’m not talking about performing perfect tempi changes, though that would be lovely.

Okay.  Now you all know you’re better than me.  My trainer often has to open her hands and look through her fingers to see exactly what I’m doing wrong.  Again.  I provide the Excedrin.  Let’s move on.

I can sit almost anything, even if I can’t ride Dressage worth a hoot.  I’ve been riding for 39 years.  I had the great good fortune to have the absolutely worst first horse a child could have.  Which is why, even though I’m no great shakes as a dressage rider, I can sit almost anything.

My great loves in life: My wife, my kids, friends, horses, animals, writing, the piano (classical) and I love books: I love how they feel, smell, and the physical experience of reading.  I consider reading an aerobic activity.  Heck I consider eating an aerobic activity.

My basic philosophy:

14 thoughts on “About Jane

  1. Kay Wade

    Jane, I am one of your blog readers. One you never hear from, until now. I just want to say that I miss you, and hope all is well in your world. Write soon, okay?

  2. M

    True story: I googled “lesbian dressage” out of sheer randomness and found your blog! Ok, not totally random.. I am re-entering the horse world (after a long time) by way of classical dressage. I am also a lesbian.. I don’t have many (ok, any) horsey friends, So I am searching the internet! Pretty excited to find your blog! 😀

    1. theliteraryhorse Post author

      Welcome! I love Google. I have had a rather long hiatus, but hope to return to blogging regularly soon. In the mean time, I’ll pass the donuts, hope you enjoy past posts, and look forward to seeing you here. 🙂

  3. lifereconnected

    I have been reading around your blog all morning now and it has been a blast. Cheered me up no end and your photos are brilliant. I’ve had a love affair with horses all my life but not in the knowledgeable(is that even a word?) or owner-type way. I rode regularly as a child and always dreamed I’d have a horse someday and my kids used to go ‘riding’ once a week at what we call here a ‘riding school’. Alas never got to own one yet 😦 One amusing read was The Exmoor Files by Liz Jones – she described hilariously the type of ‘riding’ we did and that book was one of a few that helped keep me sane a while back. Now it is blogs like yours! I’m going to add you to my blogroll so I can find you easily – hope you don’t mind.

  4. houndblogger

    Well, obviously I am unable to remember about the whole cut-and-paste thing. The NOT together was in response to your liking sushi and Lucky Charms, but not together.


    Coffee, I think …

  5. houndblogger


    NOT together?

    Just found your blog by way of American Horse Lover in Slovakia’s blog, which linked to mine recently. So, like, one degree of separation or something.

    Very much looking forward to reading more.

  6. Kristin

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about your many (mis)adventures and musings about your world. (Perhaps especially those of Mr.Chips. I have a strange affinity for ponies and their mischief.) I am always guaranteed to laugh, I often times will cry, but I am definitely still thinking about the things you say later. You have captured the characters in your life (human and otherwise) in a way that makes me feel as if I not only know you all, but that you are my friends as well. I just wanted to say thanks, and as long as you carry on writing I will carry on reading along. Hugs and carrots to everyone!

  7. marion solomon

    dear jane,
    stumbled on your blog, following another’s link.
    I’v loved horses since before I can recall. raised in Bronx, 1950’s.
    just wanted to say, I so enjoy your work here. charming, dear and warm.
    thank you sincerely,
    marion solomon


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