About Daisy

Daisy is a real person.  (Do I really need to say it’s not her real name?) I have her permission to put words in her mouth.  She knows perfectly well I’m exaggerating and being goofy.  She’s funny, fun, and very professional despite her self-depreciating humor.  Daisy is the kind of friend who will be there no matter what, even if you’re driving her insane.  She’s also single, gorgeous (no Daisy I’m NOT taking that out and you can’t make me.) and one of the smartest people I know.  When I need a reality check, I call Daisy.  Thus why we talk every day.  I need a lot of reality checks.  Reality and I are sort of oxymorons.  She can cut to the heart of any matter faster than anyone I’ve ever met.  It’s why she’s up there in corporate America.  She’s currently single and open to the right guy.  We all love her, so if you’re the wrong guy, be prepared to be taken down.

Daisy is our hunter/jumper rider and is beautiful over fences.  I recently went to watch her take a lesson at a top barn.  She got on one of their horses, that she’d never seen before, and after a couple of circles and a small cross rail, had him down pat, and went on to the real stuff.  Surprised the heck out of her instructor.  Poor woman was thinking and she’s here why?

Okay, I close my eyes if I have to jump an X on the ground, and throw the reins away so I don’t hit the horse in the mouth.  Line?  What line?  Doesn’t the horse just figure it all out for you?  You actually COUNT the strides?  I  need a measuring tape.

You hunter/jumper riders are BRAVE.

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