Carrot Cake For Everyone!

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Best. Carrot. Cake. EVer.
I want to grow frosting carrots. My kind of vegetable. You can make this carrot cake! Instructions and drool-worthy blog, here.

Hudson got a cell phone for his birthday.  After our Colic Camping episode, I wanted him to be able to get ahold of me immediately.  This is how parents end up giving iPhones to a kindergartener, isn’t it?

He hasn’t come to terms with the fact he already HAS his present.


spirit killer


Hudson on the road
Happy 25th birthday, Hudson.



19 thoughts on “Carrot Cake For Everyone!

  1. Ahem. Flirting with other horses does not amuse our royal piratical self. There better have been enough rum in that cake to be causing those humans to hallucinate flirtation or SOMEBODY will be keelhauled without possibility of parole, my handsome older paramore. Savvy?

    And BTW, I trotted 50 miles on Saturday. My booty is most excellent. Bad time to bail out, boyfriend….

    –Fifty-mile Fiddle

    1. My dearest Fee,
      That was Jane speaking. Why she believes she can speak for me (I have never winked in my life. I eyeroll. I snort derisively at Jane. I do many things, but I DO NOT WINK.) is beyond my comprehension. Please forgive her rudeness. Humans. Do they ever THINK?

    1. I know what you mean! One bite and we’d be in heaven. I think Freedom and Zelda would appreciate the sugar aspect. Hudson would give me the I Am Super Angry Stink Eye for feeding him “trick food”. It looks like a carrot, but doesn’t taste like a carrot, therefore I am trying to poison him. Again. 🙂

    1. Funny, huh? All of us, including the vet, thought Hudson was in his late-ish teens when I got him. A year or so later, a friend looked up his pedigree for me with her AQHA membership (I didn’t care about his papers) and we all fell over to learn he was born in 1989. Most people guess he’s about 15 or 16. Go, Hudson! (Shameless flirt that he is, he returns Dassah’s wink…)

    1. Why, thank you. It’s been a lovely day, in spite of being on the recieving end of a b*th. Jane let me chase turkeys, and it seems the goats are not quite ripe enough to pick. This is a good thing.

    1. I think Hudson will always be the mastermind, and he certainly does think creatively. I caught him speculating whether or not he could squeeze through Bella’s back door…while I was still in the saddle. 😉

  2. Ok, I have to tell a little story of my own. At the barn where I board my horse, the owner, Fran, had an animal communicator come in and talk to her horses. (This was before I boarded there, or I would have probably had him talk to mine, too. 😊) Anyhow, when communicating with Fran’s mare, Lacey, Lacey apparently kept referring to Fran as her “trainer,” which annoyed Fran no end, as she considers herself Lacey’s mom. Fran even had the communicator question Lacey about that, but Lacey apparently was adamant that she considered Fran her trainer. This still irritates and amuses Fran.

    1. I LOVE this story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Hilarious, and oh so maddening. I’m afraid I’ll always be “staff” to Hudson. We don’t want him to know, but I’m okay with it. 😉

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