Alice Takes a Tour Through…Is That an Orc…?

Alice went down the rabbit hole, and missed the bottle marked “Drink Me”.

Maybe it's a good thing Alice didin't Drink Me. She might have come back with a catapillar
Maybe it’s a good thing Alice didn’t Drink Me. She might have come back with a giant caterpillar. (FYI, this would not have stopped us from bedazzling and riding said caterpillar.)

Unable to go through the small door, she took a left somewhere in the tunnel and got lost. Presumably she wandered through Lórien, had a chat with Gandalf, spent a little time in The Shire…

Who cares about one ring to rule them all? SHADOWFAX.  How we know this was meant to be? Look, there’s a buckskin right next to him. 

Alice popped back out of the rabbit hole with a Friesian.

(And possibly an elfin archer. I figure she stashed the archer somewhere.)

Straight out of Lord of the Rings, if we pretend he will gray out:

We think the White Rabbit stole her flip-flops.

We all call him “Shadowfax”. No one will ever know his real name, because none of us care.  Shadowfax is AWESOME.

Hudson is modeling stellar trail behavior. Shadowfax is going to be a trail Friesian. Hudson’s left ear: “Dude. Turkeys. Fun to chase”. Hudson’s right ear: “Jane, stop eavesdropping, so impolite.”

Shadowfax has spent his life as an Arena Flower. Going outside the giant sand box was new and scary. Alice rode him in a bridle, and wore footwear for the first few, “getting to know your newly leased horse”, rides.

After hanging with Hudson and the rope-horse crowd that warm up on the access road, Shadowfax settled down, and Alice went back to the back to the hippie-chick self we all know and love.

Bareback in a halter.

Ready to get down in The Shire.

It was weird to ride with a horse that towered over Hudson. He’s usually the biggest guy there. Alice said “I think they’re the same height.  Look at their withers.”

Hey, look at that. They are.  But Shadowfax’s NECK and HEAD are up in the stratosphere.

“Is it strange to have NECK in front of you?” I ask.

It makes my teeth ache, that tall neck, right there, ready to up and smack you in the face at first spook.

“Yeah”, Alice says, “It’s a little hard to get used to.  I feel like I can’t SEE.”

She holds up the reins, mimicking a little old lady peering over the steering wheel.

Carlos has teased the crap out of Alice. In addition to the unseen stashed archer, she’s come home to ‘anonymous’ gifts.  Gifts with which she may appropriately ride into Middle-Earth: glow in the dark sword, plastic bow and arrows, a lovely shield, a slighty dented tiara…

Oh. And us!

11 thoughts on “Alice Takes a Tour Through…Is That an Orc…?

  1. High-headed horse = lots of pix with ears AND HEAD AND NECK at the bottom.

    p.s. Tell Alice to put on a helmet. I don’t care much about her feet. Feet will mend. She’s making me nervous up there!

  2. Shadowfax is lovely!

    I’m most impressed by Hudson’s boldness around turkeys. Wild turkeys are the one thing that will send Freedom into the stratosphere. I think he believes the entire group is one noisy animal. Just the sound of a turkey makes the whites of his eyes show.

    We have a lot of wild turkeys where I live so have to be careful. I like to go fast, but I like to go fast with brakes and a sense of direction.

    1. We have a herd (flock?) of wild turkeys, around 30 – give or take a thanksgiving or two – that live on the property and nest in the trees over the paddocks. Watching a big old turkey try to manuever into weak-branched pine trees at night is entertaining. They miscalculate, and fall a lot. Most of the horses are fairly sacked out to sudden thudding balls of squawking feathers…though they HATE the sound of branches ripping. Hudson believes turkeys are nearly as good as steers to play with, and will chase them for entertainment. Donkeys and mules however, he beileves to be serial killers. He’s also not positive Llamas are legitimate animals…they could be something evil. Hopefully Freedom will come to understand! (Have you ever pointed him at one and said “chase that”?) With one hand on the emergency brake, of course!

  3. Ok, that is hilarious — because at one of our old barns there was a Friesian named Shadowfax. His owners didn’t do much with him and he was kind of a dick. Glad Alice didn’t get that one!

    1. This guy is so sweet. He has no idea how big he is. I had Auntie duty over Thanksgiving, and when I went to turn him out, he acted like a (warned) kindergartener: “I don’t know you. I don’t go with strangers. I’m pretty sure you’re not on the list. Are you on the list? STRANGER DANGER.” I reassured him that I was his long lost Auntie, and on The List. He shrugged and said “okay” and off we went.

  4. I may have forgotten to mention two things? 1. Alice is our hunter princess: that’s why we were surprised when she showed up with the dressag-y Fresian. 2. We LOVE love love Shadowfax, and the fact that Alice is leasing him. We secretly hope she becomes his mom. Ah. So much for the secret…

  5. OTOH, when you are accustomed to riding horses with naturally high-set necks (Saddlebreds, NSH, many Arabians, and of course, Friesians), getting on a low-headed horse makes you feel like the front end is missing entirely and you’re about to turn a front somersault …

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