Murphy Monday: Fine. Are those Balloons…?


This out-of-control, wildly bucking, primal flight-panic moment brought to you by The Two Year Old Who Will Not be Fazed.

And Daisy, who took the picture of Murphy’s first time under saddle, complete with, yes, it’s touching him…The Girth.

(Hudson is still certain The Girth will kill him, even when it goes up one hole every 15 minutes.)

Daisy saddled Murphy, removed his halter, and waited for typical two-year-old reaction.

She’s still waiting.

Murphy is captivated by a birthday party just off-screen, complete with helium-filled balloons waving spookily in the wind. Or not spookily at all, if you’re Murphy. Ā I think he’d carry one in his teeth.

He’s definitely my nephew. Ā I bet he smells cake.

26 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Fine. Are those Balloons…?

    1. Sorry Beth! Here I am! Life has been nuts, but I still have so many stories stuck in my head to tell, so I’m just going to try to blurt them out, not make them pretty. Thanks for checking up on me. šŸ™‚

  1. That cannot possibly be the baby….? When did he grow up? Where the heck was I? How did this happen? I was not informed he had become an absolutely stunning young man. I was hoping the baby pics would last forever. Sniff. Ok, fine, he is still breathtaking. I guess I still love Murphy Mondays even if he’s no longer a baby.

  2. Heck. No horse that’s been handled as much as Murph should ever buck, and shouldn’t be expected to! šŸ™‚ (Or perhaps that’s just my experience with a few hundred Arabians.) Any time a horse bucks, it’s the PEOPLE’s fault. šŸ˜€ He’s loookin’ good!

      1. Yea- I agree- he’s pretty much set up to not fail in those ways. And I wouldn’t of done it if I didn’t think he was ready but actually he’s been ready for a long time…I was just too lazy to bring my saddle out. lol.
        I brought him to his first schooling show to hang out and he could of cared less. Although I will say he did flip over his water bucket 14,000 times for the pure entertainment of me having to refill it no matter how many ways I tried to jimmy rig it to stay put. In those ways I fail. šŸ˜€

          1. It is Bings saddle. šŸ™‚
            I was over it early on- but how do you not refill water? Plus if that’s the worse thing then nbd.

  3. He’s one fine-looking horse. Cake? However if there had been balloons you might have had the reaction you expected but didn’t get. šŸ™‚

      1. There were balloons- he didn’t care. What he was actually looking at was another horse spooking.
        It’s kind of like when you see people out running on the weekend and think “why would people be doing that?”

        1. Whoops. Got it wrong. That’s okay, I remember now you telling me about the horse spooking, and thinking, but the balloons were the big deal, right? Apparently I think the story in my head is more accurate than what happened. Geeze!

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