I’m Still Not Dead Yet!

Unless we count Dead Busy and Dead Happy.

(Except for the blogging part.  I’d like to be Dead Happy Blogging too.)

I finally have my dream “work”, which involves a lot of transferring dirt from various horses to my person. Also a lot of smiling.

Translation for the non-horsey: I come home filthy.  Covered in grime and horse slobber.  Life is good.

The trainer I am helping is just plain fantastic.  In every way.  The nightmare stories about working for a screaming, over-demanding, blaming trainer?  Not her.  We laugh a lot. I make a mistake, I own it, we move on to how she wants things done.  No drama.

Because we are in the Arabian show world now, I do a lot of tail maintenance. We’re talking twelve-foot tails here, folks.  I hit the jackpot on My Little Ponies.

Here’s Laurie’s mare, Ginger, with her ten foot tail:

IMG_3634 Ginger's tail
Rapunzel, Rapunzel… Uh. Holy Moly. That is a lot of golden hair…

Pre-washing.  It’s a bit longer after the waves are washed out.

A lot has happened.  It’s show season. Our 5-time national champion horse/rider team became  7-time national champions. Between shows, the training barn moved out of my barn, and into its own facility.  Of which you will soon see stunning pics.  It’s a miracle I don’t spend the entire day in the parking lot, rendered speechless and immobile by the view.

Phil was Phixed, but went back home after the trial period.  Hudson has a new roomie, who thankfully does not worship the ground he impatiently stomps upon. Meet Paulo. (The Yoga Master.)

IMG_1673 Hudson and Paulo
Dude. Chill. I’m doing my nightly yoga on the barre. Oh. Hey, this your dinner? Wait. This is my Maori face. Not stealing. Nu-unh.

Life is 5:30 am busy, ending with 7:30 pm snoring noises.

And cake!

25 thoughts on “I’m Still Not Dead Yet!

  1. So good to see an update from you, Jane, and what a wonderful update it is! Working at an Arabian show barn (like I did when I was a teenager) is my dream job, too, so happy for you (and Hudson)! 🙂

    1. Ummmmm. How bout I just ship you the latest layer cake and we distrubute the zucchini muffins amongst the crew…? In this neck of the woods, people do zucchini “drive-by’s”. Find bags of fresh zucchini in the bed of your pick up truck (while you’re in the dry cleaner’s), on your porch, on top of your saddle….The Zuchinni Fairies are everywhere! 😉
      Chocolate, blueberry lemon, or red velvet…?

      1. We call those “zucchini bombings.” Anybody dumb enough to leave a car unlocked in August deserves to get a zuke bomb. My mom specializes in church parking lots. Not just her church, either…. My specialty is leaving zukes in the backs of horse trailers parked at trailheads. 🙂

        Chocolate? Did somebody say “chocolate?”

    1. So many stories. All trying to come out! (To the point where I’m pretty positive people at the barn are avoiding me, afraid I’ll say: “Oh oh oh! Did I already tell you what happened with…?” I need the blog. It’s the only way I’m going to keep any friends. No way can I get away with telling you the same story twice!

    1. No way! It’s STILL that long after you hacked some off?!? FYI I have magic forelock growth serum. I accidentally grew Hudson’s immobile forelock 3″, using this stuff I refused to believe works! Remind me?

  2. Happy Happy! Was so afraid to comment and ask “where are you?” in case you were in a darker, less happy space. Glad you are happy, and that kind of dirt is the BEST kind of dirt! Welcome back!

    1. Everyone has my permission to ask if I’m still alive. We know, if I really am dead, I’ll be laughing at the irony, applauding your hutzpah, and likely teasing you with ghost cupcakes. (“Here, try the chocolate, it’s to die for! Bwahahahahaha.”)

        1. TLH is Cake Heaven. We practically worship cake here. Though we’ve been known to pass out donuts in a pinch! Ghost cake coming right up. Oh. Wait. I have to die first. Dang. Well? Mind waiting 40 years or so? I plan on a loooong life. 😉

    1. Soooo happy! Now if I can just figure out how to manage my time a little better so Hudson doesn’t get neglected…(fat chance. He’ll have me supeonaed if I don’t show up!)

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