Global Solutions for Positive Directive Implementation

There. That title should satisfy your boss, should they walk by on a Friday, when you are reading doing research at TLH.

You may have seen this already, but I missed it the first time around.  It’s worth muting the ad and looking extremely busy until the video starts. You’ll need the sound on low (or better, ear buds), and a way to keep yourself from laughing out loud.

Drinking beverages past minute 3 are not advised. That’s when “The Riding Instructor” begins to get side-splitting.  I mean, informative.

Disclaimer from your International Response Manager:

do not try this super fun title generator at work if IT tracks which sites you visit. (BS is in website title)

10 thoughts on “Global Solutions for Positive Directive Implementation

  1. Watching that act made me think of the 10-year-jubileum show Friends Forever of Apassionata
    I saw a couple of months ago. Turns out they don’t tour in the US, but some of the tricks I saw also in the show of theirs. Absolutely brilliant!

    Sometimes I’m wondering if they didn’t make a horse’s bad habit into a show-worthy trick. For example in one of the “chapters” of Friends Forever, they have an absolutely ginormous draft horse buck on command, straight into the air with all fours. Scary, and cool at the same time…

    For video material reference: .

    1. I asked Hudson. His opinion: “Poker Joe is a obviously smart horse. I’m guessing it took years because humans are not quite as bright as we are. However, years of time means PJ got about 200 lbs of Mrs. Pasture’s cookies and 500 lbs of carrots until Tommie was mostly trained. Training humans is, fortunately, an ongoing project due to their limited ability to comprehend, so the cookies and carrots keep coming. Nice work PJ!”

  2. I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday. As you can guess from this post! So, tell me, what are y’all’s titles? 😉

  3. Sshhhhhh. If my bosses knew how much time I spend “researching” compared to actually working, I’d be fired for sure. Especially since I am the highest paid office manager in all 23 stores! I cannot open this here, but darn sure will tonight when I get home.

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