Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…

I love Julie Andrews.  Musicals. Dance numbers. Theatrics.

Why I love my work:

The hills are alive with the sound of hoofbeats!

Also, distant mooing, closer bleating (goats next door), and the high-pitched squeaky-toy noise when this guy whinnies:

We sticked him out: not much taller than a corgi.
We sticked him out: not much taller than a corgi.

No daycare!

I don’t have to haul a sleep-befuddled Hudson out of bed, coerce him into a halter, carry him outside and stuff him into a car seat. No strong arming the seat belt across his chest while attempting to also pull it out of his mouth. He lives there. Hudson-vision plays in the background all day.

Bonus Points!

I’m not checking the weather icon on my desktop 6 times an hour because I’m certain:

      • Hudson is sweating to death under his blanket, or
      • Shivering wildly because it was supposed to be warm, or
      • He’s hungry. Lonely. Tired. Over-energized, or
      • Has figured out how to unlock the new horse-proof gate clip.  Again.

Mondays are awesome!

We all know how rare it is for horse owners to make it to the barn on Monday. It’s usually just me and a dozen potential My Little Ponies. While other horse owners are whacking away at the 72-hour-long Monday, I’m:

      • Singing badly to upbeat Rancheria music
      • Kissing noses
      • Rubbing necks
      • Getting hugs
      • Checking legs, and…wait for it…
      • Brushing! Lunging! Sometimes – gasp – even riding!

My friend’s horses are in the barn!

    • I get to send Laurie bad iPhone photo ‘postcards’ from a ‘talking’ Ginger.  Because horses, especially mares, are so good at expressing themselves, I get some unmistakably emotive shots.  This cracks all of us up.
    • Sample: GingerI got to run wild and free!  In that big sand box! Without tack! This is how it’s supposed to BE, mom. BTW, can I wear my pink jammies tonight? Love those.

Lots of personalities!

As I’ve flowed into the rhythm of the training barn, and come to know the horses, they’ve also come to know me.

      • Grace has a compulsion to rest her muzzle on the small of my back – if my shirt hikes up – when I bend over to check her front legs. No lip movement.  It’s not a mouthy thing.  So sweet. Shirt doesn’t hike up? No ‘kiss’ from Grace.
      • Ginger’s stall is right next to the tack room/grooming area.  We get to ‘talk’ all day.  She’s a lovely chatterbox.
      • Candy Boy has a reaction that I read as fearful: he pins his ears and glares at me (without real substance behind it) when I approach with the halter.  He wants to come out and play so bad.  My opinion: some aggression is aggression, watch out!  Some is fear masking as aggression.  I wait quietly out of reach outside the gate, and chat him up.  Nothing happens until his ears go forward and his eye gets soft. When I finally do halter him, he stands happily, barely containing his excitement. Oh I correct him.  Frequently.  But we have an understanding. Politeness gets you warmth and politeness.

(There’s much more, but that’s all I have time for today, because I have to go play work!)



8 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…

        1. Nope, this is new. I’m trading with a trainer for HELP WITH MY RIDING. Oops. Did I say that with too much emotion?! I’m kind of at a Mayday mayday crossroads. “Reins? Too long? Too short? GAH! I need to go sleep on Hudson’s butt. That’s real riding.”

    1. We all flock around the wee pony. He reminds me of Mr. Chips (Department of Enormous Egos), and everyone loves him. Tons of personality. I’ll calculate the postage! It’s strange to me, how many horses are taken aback by mini’s. He was trailered in for the day (farrier). When he whinnied, a few horses who hadn’t seen him before bolted, and all ears were antennas tuned to this strange sight and sound. He whinnied a lot, so they got over it fairly quickly. 😉 Please tell poor Irish he’s not alone.

  1. Corgi pony has the sweetest whinnie ever. Ginger looks absolutely pleased as punch! I have it on good authority that all the ponies (especially Ginger) love their time with you. And your digital postcards from my diva are the highlight of my day!

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