Murphy Monday: Hidden Camera Footage

Murphy in the wild.

Playing, uh, well, with others. Murphy, who is awfully quiet and gentlemanly for a 2-year-old (intact) colt, apparently likes to poke at his friends in the pasture.

Daisy sent me the video footage in text:

Daisy: Terrorist.  Lol.

Jane: Funny! Ooooo…he’s so beautiful, even when he’s poking.

Daisy: He is. But took me an hour to give him half a bath.  Wanted to kill him. (Baby stuff.)

Jane: Half a bath…? Do I want to know?

Daisy: Exactly. Half.  Still shampoo on him, FYI.

Jane: He won’t care about shampoo? Tho it might kill us!

Daisy: Final straw. Brought him back to barn. He pulled all the saddle pads down. Fine. Back to pasture before I kill you.

Jane: He’s his uncle’s nephew.  Can’t leave Hudson parked in front of any blanket or pad. Ever. Cloth Must Be Moved. Trampled.

Daisy: It’s Evil.

Jane: Makes sense. Cloth = evil. Because our horses are perfect. Normal?

Daisy: Week from hell.  Barbie: 3 abscesses in 3 legs. Be glad you weren’t here.  She would have lured you  into her vortex of pity.  Been better since Tuesday. World is NOT ENDING.

Good grief.  Daisy has had a rough week.  Three abscesses in three legs in a Drama Queen Mare? Daisy took care of it instantly.  Barbie however is positive she was tortured, maimed, and is still in agony, because it didn’t stop until Tuesday.  For goodness sake, it started on MONDAY.  What took so long?

Do we understand this requires copious amounts of carrots and cookies to heal?! Chop chop.  What is wrong with you underlings?

I hope you are all surviving abscess season.

Without going broke in the produce aisle!

4 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Hidden Camera Footage

  1. ohh poor Barbie. Irish says that peppermints are known pain killers.
    Murphy is a real brat. Just like he’s supposed to be. I feel fine saying that as I have my own brat. 🙂

  2. What a great way for Murphy to grow up. Horse heaven! I had the abscess season from hell last fall. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will escape this spring unscathed.

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