Woodrow 1996 – 2013

Woodrow: talented, affectionate, appreciative. kind, and full of hugs.

Mr. Personality.  Working the “Tousled and Adorable” thing:

This is what he looked like when he came off the trailer.

After only a few months with Bella: an offensive linebacker. All muscle, all bloom:
Woodrow portrait

Checking out the farrier’s work. Dude. Nice set of irons. That’s gonna look so sharp!


Initiating the Farrier Taste Test: Nope. Not like chicken. We’re good.

Woodrow Taste Test

And last, just for you Woodrow. A photo of your nostril for the blog. You were right. Hilarious.  Goofy. Sweet. Just like you.

Woodrow nostril

Thank you for giving me all the hugs I needed, when Hudson wasn’t in the mood. Thank you for making Bella so happy. And that last working roping? You were AWESOME.

22 thoughts on “Woodrow 1996 – 2013

  1. oh I am so sorry. Woodrow was beautiful. I am always happy to hear that horses have passed away loved and looked after. There are so many for whom this is not the case. Bella please take care of yourself.

  2. There are no words sufficient to express the sadness. Sending you and Bella lots of love until I can give you each a hug in person. RIP sweet charming Woodrow. We all miss you so much.

  3. So sorry for Bella. Please send her hugs! It’s so hard to lose them. I hope she put aside some hair from his tail. A horse hair bracelet can be a lovely remembrance.

  4. The price we pay for loving them is that we must lose them. Sorry it came time to pay that price. Sending you good throughts.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that you lost Woodrow. Many good wishes to you and Bella. It is so hard to lose a sweet horse.

  6. So sorry to read about your loss. They always leave before their time. Many hugs. We have all been through this at least once.

  7. I am so sad to read your news, but I so enjoyed all of the pictures that just smacked of personality. I know all of those great memories will keep him alive in your heart forever.

  8. It is a huge loss for Bella. Losing a family member is never easy. It’s a loss for me as Auntie, for sure. I guess we can all imagine how hard it is for Bella. 😦 I know with certainty your support will mean a lot to Bella. You guys are the best.

  9. I am so sorry – he was beautiful and special. I know you have many good memories – may they help you with the loss.

  10. They are heart-breakers. That is the easiest thing to learn about horses, but the hardest to accept. I share your mourning, for the part of him I read about here. Such a beautiful boy.

    On a personal note, I have lost three of my fur family so far this year. Can this please mean that something good is on the way?

    Take care, Jane. (And Hudson is going to have to step up in the hugging department.)

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