In Which We Meet Hudson, Ears Forward

…because he wants to be in movies. Who knew? All these years of crappy photos: scowling, ears back, bored…

No stills! I want to be a movie star.  Get with it!

17 thoughts on “In Which We Meet Hudson, Ears Forward

    1. That paint is a crack up too! They could never share a paddock, they’re both rock stars (go take the test at Grey Horse Matters, it’s a blast.) and would probably kill each other trying to prove who was the best on air guitar. And who had the biggest entourage.

    1. I not only remember it, I almost titled this “Hudson is ready for his close-up”! He’s gorgeous to me, (and to him) and that’s all that matters, right? 😉

  1. What a riot, totally engaged… from the other side of the arena. He is a player that’s for sure. Torn between being too cool and fearing that the friend behind him might upstage him. He is bursting with stoicism and irony. How Literary!

    1. You’ve completely nailed his personality. 😉 This is why he cracks me up on a daily basis. Recently I put a ‘learning’ rider (she knows too much to be a beginner!) on him. She’s trying to figure out what discipline she wants to ride, and had never been in a dressage saddle. She also weighs maybe 20 lbs soaking wet. He gave me a very pointed look (“Now THAT is a good weight, mom.”) and prepared to stand tolerantly. I was graced with one indignent look, that was covered up quickly when I asked him to walk with me. He *is* polite.
      But the quick glances started coming: “Um. I might have been wrong.” pause. “Do you think she’d drop the reins?” pause. “Okay, I was wrong. Can we trade again, please?” Pause. “I don’t mind that you weigh as much as a a dozen goats. Really.”
      She didn’t do anything bad. He hates change. She doesn’t know how he likes to be ridden. That didn’t work for him – at the walk – lol.

    1. LOL, this is Hudson in his 3″ long winter coat, right out of pasture, right after rolling in the sand arena. Liver chestnut: the happneing color for those short on grooming time. 🙂

    1. They were leaning towards each other again, as Hudson and I did our outdoor laps. Thank goodness for the fencing? Ginger would whip him into shape after batting her eyes delightfully!

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