Murphy Monday: Big Boy Pasture

Murphy In The Middle.

Thanks to Nathalie, our first current picture! Yes, he’s really horse-sized already.


He’s still an easy baby..for an almost-two-year-old. His stallion behaviors seem to be limited to sudden duffle bag hurling.

Still, it’s Time.

Daisy is making arrangements for gelding. Meanwhile, Murphy is definitely large enough to move from the co-ed baby pasture to the all-gelding pasture. It’s always an unnerving moment when one must release one’s teenager into the company of adult males.

He’s their size, and still growing, but he’ll always be that cute little foal who stuck his nose in the camera, and said: “Hi. Hi. Hi? Hihihihihihihi HI hi hi hi…wait…I’m still saying Hi!!!!”

The change, other than his missing his playmates, was uneventful. No hissy fits. No prolonged imbalance of pasture dominance.

It’s Murphy. He made friends.

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