Murphy Monday: Another New Photographer

Daisy let me know she had photos of Murphy in more “hunter-ish” stance, and would send them to me for the blog. Daisy took some great photos! Here they are:

Murphy sort of hunter pose

One more:

Murphy hunter-ish pose 2I texted Daisy:

Jane: You took some awesome photos!

Daisy: LOL

Jane: No, really, I like them!

Daisy: You’re kidding.  Right?

Jane: Nope. They’re good.  FYI, not jealous of photographers who know Murphy.


I smack myself in the head.  Can I pass this off as an “I got you!” joke?

Daisy: You forget I know you.  You can’t pretend you were having me on.

Jane: How do you DO that?!?

She reads my mind.  So please meet, again, our new Murphy photographer.


14 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Another New Photographer

  1. lol. it seems perfectly reasonable to me that you would forget. Genius photographers can’t be expected to remember ALL of their great work. 🙂
    I’m so impressed at how even he looks. My two year old is butt high and a bit mismatched at the moment.

  2. Jane KILLS me. I had to read her message 3 times. She seriously doesn’t remember taking these?
    To put in a little plug- Barbie could be available for a broodmare lease if someone wants to make their own Murphy. 🙂

    1. I can attest to her perfect mother status. Any baby of hers will have manners. Barbie is allll over the manners issue. Great combo: protective loving mom who is fine with people (actually, she rather expects to have her own staff) and she makes Super Nanny look like a door mat.

    1. I’m working on the photography thing. In my non-existant spare time, LOL. My toughest project is Hudson. Years now, and I’ve been able to get ONE kind of decent photo.
      Of his head. I prefer my horses have bodies…with feet and tails and everything. He’s determined to thwart me.

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