Murphy Monday! How Time and Duffle Bags Fly…

Can you believe Murphy is going to be TWO in May?  Me neither.

Daisy posted this awesome photo on her Facebook Page.


“GREAT photo!”, I said.  I was impressed. I loved it.

I might have been a teensy bit jealous that an Unknown Person pointed a camera at Our Murphy. And pressed the shutter.  And it came out great. (Totally dumb, but hey, I’m human.)

I tried to be gracious about it.  I texted Daisy later.

Jane: That is a really really good shot of you and Murph.  Love.

Daisy: ???

Jane: Who took the pic? It’s awesome.

Daisy: Uh. You.

Jane: I did?  Hey.  I’m good.

I try (and fail) to cover up how totally stupid I feel.  Nice. I was jealous of myself.  Way to go, Jane!

Daisy: OMG. You’re serious.  Too FUNNY. You forgot???

Jane: Maybe a little…?

Daisy: Our Holiday Card photo shoot???

Jane: Oh yeah….that one

Daisy: You forget I know you. You don’t remember!

Jane: Was it hot?  We shot Murphys girlfriend too?  That one?

Daisy: That one.

I love my nephew. Misplaced my brain. He’s even bigger now, and beginning to show some colt behaviors. He’s still very sweet.  Calm. Not going deeply into hormone land, except for his newfound hatred of duffel bags. Daisy can’t leave her duffel around him.  He’ll whip his head past her, snatch it up and toss it as far as he can.

Duffel hurling.  Murphy’s only stud behavior.  Which is why we are going on a road trip  – relatively soon –  to UC Davis.  To repair a very small hernia, and end his need to save Daisy from sinister duffel bags!

14 thoughts on “Murphy Monday! How Time and Duffle Bags Fly…

  1. I’m with Evensong – can’t believe he’s grown so much — and I can’t believe he’s 2!! Where did 2 years goooo??? And – again… we’re SOOOO glad you’re back!!! YAY!

  2. YAY!!! SO happy for the return of Murphy Mondays…my how he’s GROWN, and so handsome, too! That IS a great pic, Jane, give yourself some credit! 😉

  3. He is ginormous! How tall now? (I don’t know how tall Daisy is, besides she’s not standing up straight anyhow).

    I’m sure that cookies encourage growth. I have evidence (looking at waistband…)

  4. He’s HUGE! “Our” little boy has grown up!
    I’m curious…From your photo shoot, do you have a regular conformation shot (rather than all stretched out to be giving kisses)? His shoulder looks awesome, but he’s kinda, sorta standing under himself, and I’d love to see him stood up. (He’s got a little tummy on him, but I’m not one who can criticize that!)
    Didn’t remember that he had a hernia. I had one filly with a bad one, and old school vet just put a de-horning band on it and it closed up. Something about the irritation creating a scar tissue build-up and closing not just the skin, but the underlying hernia as well. All she ended up with was a pretty small star-shaped scar.
    Thanks for the update. What a lover!

    1. The hernia is small enough that I don’t think we ever mentioned it, did we Daisy? Vet thinks its nbd, just needs to get taken care of…eventually. Perfect to do at same time as gelding.

      He’s even bigger now. Daisy and I are coordinating schedules for new photos. Like all babies he shoots up in front, then in the rear, then all over. It’s hard to catch him when he’s even in his growth spurt. Daisy might have a more standard hunter stood-up shot than I’ve taken. I’ll ask!

      1. The hernia is very small- but he still has to be gelded so we are taking care of both at the same time. 🙂 I’ll look through pictures to find a different one of him for next week. Or if he’s not too muddy I’ll take one of him today.:)

    1. Well said. Come to think of it, Hudson is still my baby. It’s hard not to think its cute that he can untie any knot, open gates, and plays on my belief affection makes him nuzzle near my cookie-filled pocket!

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