Spring Turkeys and Other Oddities of Hope

Spring does something to me. I am suddenly leaking a crazy sort of hope (whether I lacked it or not), now that Spring is here. Everywhere I look, I see evidence of insane hope. Exhibit A: turkeys shown above.

  • Turkeys lose all sense. (Not that there was that much to begin with.) Above male turkeys were showing my car what incredibly smart and powerful mates they would be for a Chevy. Because, obviously, my car is looking for a turkey to mate with, not run over.
  • The effect of GRASS on equine impulse control. Can you imagine living in a house carpeted with chocolate? Lush and reproducing, as far as the eye can see? I’d be swan diving mouth-first to the ground too.
  • Plus, properly lush, plump, grass makes the most adorable squeaky noise when horses masticate. It’s a million tiny tennis shoes on the gym floor when they chew. SO cute.
  • I feel an feverish surge of hope when cherry blossoms pop and explode into bloom overhead. How can life be anything but perfect, when cherry blossoms exist?
  • (Give this one a few months, that particular hope is usually popped by the hat-pin of binkini season.)

  • Taxes! The’re done. Early. Therefore we will get money back! It doesn’t matter that the software package indicated we’d be paying a huge amount this year. We did it way ahead of schedule. Now we just wait for the money!!
  • Nothing says ‘Hope’ more than biting the ears off chocolate bunnies.
  • Yeah yeah, there’s the usual: flowers, color, scent. But more importantly, all the home improvement stores are having SALES. With stuff we need. Like driving mowers for our lawn. The lawn that is basically the size and shape of two lounge chairs placed end to end.
  • Sticky mud. That makes me jump up and down and do a happy, boot-sucky dance in the paddock. Sticky is the last mud stage before dry.
  • Condiment renewal. It’s that time of year we being to dream of firing up the grill. Lee-Lee volunteers to do the spring condiment expiration date-check and toss. Then we go shopping for NEW condiments!
  • Meat: $5
    Condiments to disguise the taste of meat? Priceless. (Fine: $35)

    What are your signs of insanity, I mean, Spring HOPE?

    (Please excuse any blogging glitches while I attempt to learn how to post from an iPad. Spring break also means four people vying for computer time.)

    23 thoughts on “Spring Turkeys and Other Oddities of Hope

    1. This isn’t really spring related – but I just had an awesome thought – I’ve been reading this blog so long – I wondered, when I started reading about the condiments : “doesn’t she have a friend that cleans the fridge (and rids it of old condiments), annually for them?”… and I smiled and sighed when I read I had remembered correctly. Yay! : ) Continued thanks and appreciation for your thoughts, electronically, to us.

    2. Tucker’s coat in the winter is a dull, mousy brown/gray, no matter how much I groom and try to make it shine. Around this time of year, he starts getting red hairs growing back, and I can see glimpses of shine. Makes me tingle with anticipation to see that bright red bay, gleaming coat with the sunlight bouncing off of it all summer long.

    3. Coats shedding: Every time the wind picks up a flurry of hairs blow all around, no matter how many times I curry her.
      Green grass: Dassah took a swan-dive (figuratively) into the yard a couple days ago and she was blissful and apparently starving. Like me and dark chocolate truffles.
      Birds chirping! I love my walks to the bus now because I am serenaded by trills and calls and the happiest of chirps.

    4. Sunday: 80 degrees and shedding weather, Monday: 35mph wind, gusts to 60mph, and the mounting block made it most of the way out of the front gate- while the property is filled with other people’s blown-in trash, but Tuesday: 5″ of snow and everything is covered/clean again. Springtime in Colorado- when we take advantage of our survival skills.

    5. Years ago, I lived in a place where my landladies’ turkey would try to NEST on the cab of my truck every night. Each morning in spring, I would take the garden hose to clear the truck so I could drive to work…each evening she would begin again. Turkeys are dumb.

      Spring Hope = needing sunscreen along with the gortex for a long afternoon ride.

    6. I was laughing about green grass and equine control. I am having a hard time convincing my horses that it really is time to come in… to do what, they ask? Eat dry, dusty hay? Pah! Not our style!
      I’m loving that whiff of spring air and windows open at night!

      1. Hudson is normally very very good. For him to dive for grass in the presence of a halter just proves to me how amazing it must taste. Super hard to be the cruel owner and insist he walk without diving. I’m trying to associate a verbal command in his mind with “it’s ok to graze now”. I would say that’s not working optimally, lol.

    7. I guess Spring is OK, but at the moment I am blissing on Autumn. The blistering, swealtering, muggy, awful heat is gone. GONE! And it’s sunny and cool at the same time! I won’t burn when I go outside for longer that 10 minutes, I can ride for an hour without getting sunstroke, all the tourists won’t be clogging up the beach so I can canter on the sand, I’ll be able to cook roasts and stews and curries and bake cakey delights without turning my house into a sauna.
      And soon I will be able to break out all my beautiful jackets, coats, and New Zealand possum fur vests, cardigans and scarves. It’s nearly cool enough to wear my fabulous boots!
      Also, winter here doesn’t come with mud or snow and generally stays above 0 degrees Celsius. So it’s quite pleasant, really.

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