My No Longer Top Secret Favorite Place to Shop

Must. Share. Laughter.

Archie McPhee

The catalog is enough to make you laugh through an entire Monday…even if you’re returning from a 3-day weekend.Ā 

It’s that good.

I go when I need to cheer up. Just knowing this stuff is in a warehouse somewhere allows me to sleep at night.

Why it’s my #1:

  1. Bacon. Frosting.
  2. Horse Head Masks (watch the video!!)
  3. Bag O Gladiators
  4. Bling Bandaids
  5. Brain Pop (candy)
  6. Charles Dickens Action Figure (if the gladiators don’t work out.)
  7. Deluxe Rubber Chicken
  8. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure (if Charles Dickens doesn’t work out.)
  9. Dashboard Monk (or Zombie, Jesus, Hula Girl)
  10. Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook

13 thoughts on “My No Longer Top Secret Favorite Place to Shop

  1. I really enjoy taking people to this store. My latest acquisition is a pine-scented Bigfoot air freshener. They get new items in periodically and everyone can find something fun in this store. Glad to see someone else blogging about this Seattle landmark.

  2. Am I going to get one of those horse heads? Hell yes, I’m going to get one of those horse heads. I see big fun in the Near Future….

  3. Love it! Something for that special person who has everything! I love finding shops with interesting, unusual items. I get in a frenzy trying to think of what to buy for whom!

  4. Long time listener, first time caller here
    You’ve discovered where I buy Christmas presents for my friends and family! My secret is ruined! Being a Seattleite born and raised I’ve made pilgrimages to the store more times than I can count (and they have much more in the store then in their catalog!) and make sure to bring every relative who visits. The store itself is amazing too, and the staff are hilarious.

    You should come visit Seattle, I’ll give you a tour šŸ™‚

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