Let The Human Training Commence!

Dear Equines and assorted Bipeds,

I was invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party in tack room #2.  My human was unable to attend, so I stepped up, and fulfilled her social obligations.

Jane owes me.

Am I right, or am I right?

Green is not my color.

Googly headbands are never my color.

Alas, I am a good sport. And yes,  a very attractive mare has caught my attention.  She was balancing a human foal on her back, and trying very hard not to drop it.

Personally I would have let the foal fall off.  There was a lot of heel action going on. Definitely the humanling was using the reins as handles.  Her mouth is gonna be sooooore.

This is why horses should train you.

  1. If you get a little dirt in your teeth, you will never forget how to avoid getting a little dirt in your teeth again.
  2. We know what you feel like up there, long before you do. LISTEN.
  3. Really? You’re going to begrudge us a few measly carrots/cookies after #2?

Yes, yes, humanlings do fall into a different category.  You’re cute when you’re foals. It’s difficult to reisist the huge grin and enormous “I love you” eyes.  Probably why we cave and catch them, or put up with  all that kicking.

I was rather shocked that Jane figured out I trained her to feed me on hoof command.  (That was just a little side experiment.)  She’s smarter than I thought. Not as smart as an Equine of course, but perhaps a little faster, cognitively, than a boulder.

There, there, Jane.  Don’t mind the boulder comment. You out-smarted me on the hoof thing, so clearly you are back in command.

(What is it humans say? Whoohahahaha?)

Jane’s addendum: Uh-oh, sounds like the training gauntlet has been tossed. No matter what he wants you to believe, Hudson is good-hearted, so I expect the training “attack” will be subtle. Now. How many of you have been trained by your horse?

9 thoughts on “Let The Human Training Commence!

  1. It’s Tucker’s World. I just live in it. He has completely trained me, and everyone else around him, horse, human, feline, canine….

  2. A thoroughly brilliant solution. Your horse was smart to let you know, and you have been a VERY good human. Yes you have! Who’s the good human? You are!

  3. I think you’ll be overwhelmed w/ comments. Maybe you should have asked:m who HASN’T been trained by their horse? Then we could all laugh about the delusional people who think that =) As for me, my horse was tired of being boarded out so I bought him a farm big enough so I could board all his friends.

    1. Is there anyone out there who has not been trained by their horse?
      And if you select “other” in the poll, let us know (via the comment option) how your horse has trained you. Think of it as a public service. It will make the rest of us less embarrassed. 😉

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