In Which We Meet Woodrow, and See Bella’s Magic

Woodrow is Bella’s new roping prospect, and Hudson’s new roomate.

Below, Woodrow is right off the trailer.  The photo angle is a bit funny.  A few groceries wouldn’t hurt him, but his real issue is serious lack of muscle tone.  He’s wasn’t as thin as he appears in this picture. Overall, he looks older than his actual age.

Stepping back, before I snapped the pic, I thought: wow, nice lines, it will be interesting to see him after a few months with Bella. He’s going to look younger than his age!

Bella is a genius at bringing horses into bloom and condition. I asked her if she had any tips she’d like to share, and she answered with true good horsemanship: “Sure! Uh. I just do my thing?” Pause. “Whatever they need.”

Translation: each horse is an individual. She starts with quality food, adds any supplements that the horse might need, has him checked by the farrier, and then starts conditioning.  It’s a simple plan.  Stop, Look, Listen, Respond. When pressed for conditioning tips, she says strengthening the back muscles is her number one priority. Her horses have to move out round, lifting their backs. Makes sense to me.

Being at a barn with a lot of Arabians, I rarely see a such a splendid Roman nose!

Only three weeks of specific supplement/food mix and careful exercise later…

He’s a hunk!

The after photos were taken was in mid-January. We’re waiting for his winter coat to blow out before taking the Super Hunk after-photo.

Awesome how the right amount of work and the right kind of feed can put bloom back on a horse. In three weeks.

Conditioning, it’s an art form.

Welcome, Woodrow!

13 thoughts on “In Which We Meet Woodrow, and See Bella’s Magic

  1. What a great before-and-after example of what good care can do for a horse, that’s wonderful! Wonderful Woodrow! 🙂

    1. If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t think it was the same horse either. 😉 He looks like a different horse. I wish I had a photo of Hudson, on the first day he arrived at Bella’s. No one would recognize him.

  2. Wow! I actually had to scroll up and re-read because I didn’t think it was the same horse and I got confused! That is truly amazing. Welcome to the herd Woodrow!

      1. We’d been watching him fill out, and Bella clipped his neck and chest so he’d be more comfortable working in our (then) unseasonably warm winter…but it wasn’t until I saw his before and after pictures side by side that I “got” how incredible the transformation was. It’s wonderful to watch his personality emerge as well.

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