Our New, Improving Blog, with Emergency Post Button…

It’s time for spring blog cleaning!

I prefer to think of it as a proactive, energized, boots-on-the-ground, guerilla cleaning.

Fine. I’m just antsy and rearranging the widgets, hanging new wall paper, and possibly updating pages that might be, um, slightly out of date. Like the “Mommy” page. Um. Barbie had the baby. (Murphy Mondays, anyone?) He’ll be a year old on May 5th. Is it too soon to take down the pics of him in her tummy?

Jane’s Cool Idea

I’ve wanted to add this for a while.  See the big red emergency button on the right?

(You can push above button, but it won’t do anything. Try the one in sidebar.)

Press it, and be surprised by a random post.  An even bigger surprise? We never know when Jane will update the button. It might not even take you to a post from TLH: it could take you to any random thing we liked in that second! Time travel! Internet travel! Anywhere-But-Here travel! Shoes! Handbags! A two-for-one on toothpaste! (Okay, maybe not.) The possibilities are endless.

Some coming blog updates:

Dinero has gone back to his forever owner, to retire on the giant cattle ranch where he spent his life learning to rope competitively, and work cows.  He began showing some arthritic changes: time to stop roping.  Bella is not a “Bute ’em and Use ’em” kind of girl.

We’re going to officially meet Woodrow, Bella’s potential roping horse: he’s Hudson’s new roommate.  For that matter, it’s way past time for the bios of Bella and Alice to be up.  Like…years…?

Oh, I remember…  Last year, there were these space aliens?  And I ran out of tinfoil? So I had to fight them off with Sharpie highlighters (they can’t take the dayglo colors) and try to win them over with cake, which of course they loved.  I sent the recipe with them back to Xytozgth.  Peace through frosting. Anyhow, that didn’t leave a lot of time for keeping up with much besides posting, and we know how THAT has gone.

And I’m fairly certain they wiped my short term memory, which would explain the car keys I found in the fruit drawer of the fridge…

10 thoughts on “Our New, Improving Blog, with Emergency Post Button…

  1. For some reason, each time I click the wonderful fabulous emergency post button, it keeps directing me back to the same story over and over again

  2. I am all for the blog revamp… so long as the Mr. Chips stories stay right where they are, easily accessible and readily available (they are, in their own right, there “in case of emergency”). I also LOVE the emergency button and can’t wait to see where you take us!!

    Also, reasons why we love you… reading along, nodding my head, smiling… then: space aliens? sharpie highlighters? Xytozgth? And… now I’m choking on my coffee. (Totally worth it for getting to start my day off with a laugh!)

  3. I was just thinking about Murphy! Was hoping that your reawakening post yesterday was a good portent for an update…
    Sorry to hear Dinero’s not feeling quite up to the roping thing, but I bet he’ll do just fine at retirement living.
    Also love the emergency button…but don’t think that gets you off the hook!

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