Impatience is a Good Thing…

…when it allows you to drop the reins, film your horse, and claim he’s being gentlemanly.

Open, closed, if it’s in his way, it bugs him. He’ll close the arena gate as we pass by if it was left open, and is blocking the line on the rail.

Oh Hudson, how I love thee!

Ah, Spring.

So far, this has incited Hudson into two jail breaks.

#1: After getting shoes. He has a most excellent farrier, Dane, who offered to return him to his paddock (probably so I’d stop hanging around trying to look busy, neither of them need me to be present) when done being shod.

I go to the feed store.

An hour later, Laurie spots them surreptitiously grazing in an inconspicuous spot quite close to their paddock. They think we won’t notice the lack of fencing in front of them. Laurie said both their attitudes were something like this: “No no, we’re fine. We’re supposed to be here.  Just grazing.  Near our paddock.  See? There’s a fence.”

#2: Bella steps out her back door in time to see Hudson pick the lock on the main gate, setting himself and Woodrow free.  This gate is closed with a horse-proof carabiner type clip. We still don’t know how he managed this feat.

I generally have to fuss with it to get it open. It’s a clumsy operation.

Hudson and Jane are back on the ouchy-achey road to fitness. Six weeks off of Real Riding might as well be a year for me.  I don’t have even half an Ab left. My inner thighs are sore from posting for ten minutes.

(Oh, the SHAME…I mean, um, it’s so, uh, good to be reminded of what beginning riders have to go through…)

You may  have to put up with less than stellar blogging as my brain takes the ouchy-achey road back to thinking…

(FYI, I missed you guys a LOT!)

9 thoughts on “Impatience is a Good Thing…

  1. I loved Hudson’s gate video — Solo will do that too — as long as it is a free-swinging gate, I taught him to open and close it with his nose. Dragging gates, well, we’re just not that coordinated or patient.

    1. I’ll have to see if I can get some better video takes of his gate opening/closing abilities. You can see the impatience in his ears when I ask him to move over so I can reach for the gate. He’ll do it, but he’ll also try to get there before me, so he doesn’t have to deal with the weight shifting and longer amount of time it takes ME to handle the gate!

    1. Me too! It’s been pouring, but strangely warm. Easy to workout-ride in the covered arena (I’m sure Hudson would prefer to become completely soaked on a trail). I don’t even need a hoodie. Very strange to ride in blustery downpour in a t-shirt. That’s not normal for here. 😉
      But welcomed! Dear Weather Gods, not complaining down here, just chatting.

  2. Well, we had another break out, two horses whose combined ages are 47 got out two gates and down the road. Gasp. Tis the season. Except there is actual green grass where you live.

    Good to have a post from you, the last one didnt come through, and I do miss your writing.

  3. Shhhh….don’t let Hudson talk to my guys. They haven’t figured out how to manage the clips on the gates (yet)!
    Your ‘green’ looks so luscious!
    Yeah….I totally understand that feeling – ugh!

  4. Oh Hudson, how I love thee too! He is the best.

    FYI, Tucker and I are on the Road to Regaining Fitness too, trying to shed our respective winter hay bellies, and I find that it helps immensely to give myself a few days that I call “long and low” but which are really code for me being too tired and sore to make him work that hard so I just flop the reins at him and go along for the ride.

  5. Yay for a new blog post, it’s been too long! Oh that Hudson, what a Houdini!!! And I feel ya on the out-of-riding-shape thing, I’m in the same achey boat right now! Welcome back! 😉

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