A Mustang, 120 days + Bobby Kerr = A Ranch Broke Horse


Hudson wants the pick up. He scoffs at riding in the back though, he wants to drive.

How will I explain him to the DMV when it’s time for the driver’s test?

7 thoughts on “A Mustang, 120 days + Bobby Kerr = A Ranch Broke Horse

  1. I’m probably the only one that watches this and thinks “120 days!? How do you train that reining and not injure his tendons!”

    I personally don’t like the mustang makeovers, etc, since they don’t allow the horse to build up fitness, but just have training poured in to them. The trust is impressive. But really? Spins and slides in four months? They can’t possibly be doing the long slow conditioning needed to insure future soundness.

    1. You make a good point. I did notice the lack of skid boots for the sliding stops…it bothered me. I know you can build a fair amount of muscle with a young horse in four months, but I don’t have any knowledge about what kind of muscle is needed for spins and slides. How long do you generally condition for these? (Anyone else care to chime in?)

      It was the trust that got me. Clearly the horse trusted him, and that kind of trust in 120 days is astonishing to me.

    1. I think the truck bed would have to be bigger (for Tucker’s comfort), but I can totally see him jumping in to be chauffered. (I’m thinking it will done with an “I drove you around, now it’s your turn” kind of glee.)

      1. Ha! Kind of the reverse of the time I was shipping him through Amish country, and we passed a horse and buggy, at which point I yelled to the rear view mirror and wagged my finger, “Your life could be a lot worse you know! You could be towing me!”

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