Murphy Monday: In Which Murphy says “Phhhbbbbbt….”

Daisy, Shaun and I walk the short hill to the winter paddock.  We startle a heron on the way past the lake.

We chat and hike. It’s warm.  Sunny.  Strangely spring-like. Daisy calls Murphy, and he begins to walk down the hill to greet us, stopping after a few steps. Somewhat reluctant. Daisy hikes up and halters him, leading him down. When he gets to us, we mob him, and he perks right up.  Hugs!  Kisses!  Brushing! Neck rubs!

Then we had a little matter of “What is this Leading thing of which you speak?  Leading? I don’t understand “leading”.

But he was incredibly polite about it. He didn’t fight. I put my hand on his butt.  Daisy gave another tug and release. Murphy instantly remembered “leading”.

Ah, the more difficult part of horse ownership.  Leading balk? That means the lovely play time ends, and we go for a walk around the property, outside the paddock.  It was beautiful!  (And my hand pushed on his butt a lot.)

Our boy is 8 months old.  Do you believe it?

I could not seem to get a decent picture of him, no matter how hard I tried.  I was stuck in “frame every photo badly”.  The hazy sky made for flat, low light, with little contrast. Except for the dumb photographer, this would be an okay-ish photo.  Can anyone spot the problem?

You saw it! Most horses DO have hooves.

Murphy wasn’t feeling the photo shoot either:

Oh no…sudden lack of affinity for the camera…could we be seeing glimpses of the teen to come? So uncool of me to photograph him.


11 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: In Which Murphy says “Phhhbbbbbt….”

  1. Thank you so much for the gift of your incredible blog!!! As one who is slave to 2 hooved beasts (well, 3 if you count the goat) I find great delight and great humor in the honesty of each post .. and always giggle a bit when i see a new one come up in the email queue…. thank you, thank you!

  2. Nope. Sorry. Murphy doesn’t take a bad photo. He is just too adorable. Complete cuteness overload, once again. Even when he is pretending to be recalcitrant. I adore him. Would gladly push on his butt any day.

  3. Maybe Murphy doesn’t want his pic taken because he’s in that awkward wearing-a-bulky-sweater stage of fuzziness and he just KNOWS that in a few months he’s gonna be all slick and shiny? Dunno… maybe you can convince him that Fuzzy is Cute?

    Sticking your tongue out is also cute. He’s got that down for sure.

  4. Hee! I love your Murhpy posts — heck I love all of your photo posts and horsey posts. They’re calming to me, almost like actually being around horses again. Love the last photo — I’m still smiling. 🙂

  5. Okay. So I spotted the problem in the wrong photo…I was going to adroitly suggest that glaring blue buckets could easily be Photoshopped out. But then I realized you were talking about the NEXT photo. Um yeah. Can’t Photoshop IN feet! Oops!
    My, but he is a good-looking boy, though! (Even with his tongue stuck out…)

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