Hudson on Happiness…

Dear Jane,

I’m totally onboard with our fitness plan.  I love to be super fit, love to go, love to show off my stamina.  Please do not take this as a “back off” letter.

I’m thrilled – and astonished – that we continued to workout through the Celebration of Carrots holiday. (I know humans call this season by a bunch of other names, but trust me, all equines know ’tis Season of Carrots.)

I heard you announce you were ‘going to get a photo of me looking happy, if it killed you’. Let me spell it out. Happiness is not all, “ears forward”.

Behold: I Am Happy…

Notice my muzzle is not visible.  The submerged muzzle is a key indicator to happiness in horses.

This IS my happy face. I can’t help it you know exactly what I’m thinking.

Where was I? Oh, right. Workouts.

You’re going to have to clip me.  Whole body. I know it’s not supposed to be 65 degrees at the end of December. Repeat after me: Climate. Change. I’m dying here.

I’d like a manly, flashy tattoo.  Motorcycle flames would rock.  (I need compensation for the ‘Dressage Horse’ thing.)

BTW, Shaun sent  me the photo of you wearing your new hat. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Now THIS is a donkey I can live with.

You kill me.  I thought DQ’s had no sense of humor…

Please send me Dinero’s email and chat ID.  I’m going to Skype on Bella’s computer. I heard Dinero is officially retired from roping (man oh man, I know how he feels).  I want to stay in touch. Plus, no one does innocent sarcasm like Dinero.  I need to have a buddy to help me rag on Woodward.

Please pass on to…Santa: a Mrs. Pasture’s Easy Bake Oven is a vital gift,  a life-altering gift.

A new turn out blanket? Superfluous. I don’t mind the drafty old one.



11 thoughts on “Hudson on Happiness…

  1. Dude, just don’t let her do the hearts again. That was, like, seriously a disaster in the maintaining-your-dignity-and-manhood department. I personally love my fully body clip. Makes it even easier to give the ladies four tickets to the guns show…. Yeah. I am the man.

    1. Jane promised. No hearts this year. I got nervous yesterday about the tatt when the clippers came out, but I just got a modified trace mow. Some Irish thing without the shamrock. No flames, but no hearts either. I want a full body clip. But I have to admit with our 40+ degree daily weather swings, she’s probably right to worry the heavier turnout wouldn’t come off in a timely manner. One day it’s still 35 at noon, another it’s almost 70.

  2. Hudson-man,

    I don’t think flames are going to make up for the pink bucket. I think you’ll just have to get used to Jane doing weird things to you that cause others to question your manhood. In fact, I’m pretty sure men everywhere, and of most species would tell you that’s just part of being a man, especially a man in a relationship. Its the price you pay, buddy, for the consistent feedings and Season of Carrots. Don’t feel too alone though. My Casey wears *gasp* pink on a regular basis. Trust me, it hasn’t hurt his manhood one bit!

    1. Sadly, the ‘pink’ bucket started out fire-engine red, my favorite color…
      I love my orange, black and gray plaid sheet. It’s loud, it’s proud, it’s DUDE.

      Of course, that was already part of my closet….but I hear the new turnout blanket is a tasteful navy.
      Yeah, I’m putting up with the girlie crap. A running braid? Seriously? Blech. (But if there are cookies attached, I’m all over it. Go ahead, put a sunflower in my mane. Cost? 10 cookies.)

    1. Fee, we’d be best buds. Totally willing to learn from a mare on the endurance trail. And I bet I could get us some steer time if you’d like that. You don’t have to catch ’em. You can just boss ’em around.

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