Does Your Horse Have a Special Holiday Wish?

If you are, or know who the artist is, please let me know so I can credit this cartoon!

What is  your horse asking Santa for this Christmas? What special ‘light’ is he hoping for this Hanukkah?

15 thoughts on “Does Your Horse Have a Special Holiday Wish?

  1. Dear Santa,

    Could I please have opposable thumbs? And a deadbolt I can open instead of this darned “horse-proof” lock on my door?


  2. Dear Santa,

    My paddock is wet and my hooves are muddy. That daft Lady Who Feeds keeps shouting out gleefully “Rain! We have raaaaaain!” like this is somehow a good thing. Please, for the love of all that is holy, get me a proper minion. Someone with an industrial-strength hairdryer would be nice.


  3. Dear Santa,
    Mom’s Jewish, so I think she forgot to ask for me. Please, please make my right leg work enough that I can get out and be ridden all the time, too! I love going places and I never get scared like those big wimpies, and we all know I would be the best horse out there if only my previous owners had taken care of me when I was injured.
    PS Thank you for bringing me my mom and her friend Janelle, because I never knew people could be nice and help you when you’re hurting until I met them. I just want to be able to work for them now!

    Dear Santa,
    Don’t you DARE eat those cookies! They are mine!

    Dear Santa,
    May I help pull your sleigh? Mom thinks I should only work once a day for about an hour, but I know I should work all day every day. Maybe pulling a sleigh around the world would make me feel more useful than the wimpy work I get here. Of course, it’s still better than I’ve ever had, and at least I get to run a few miles a day on my own because Mom built that barn for me with extra big runs so I can get in a good gallop.
    So thank you for everything, Santa, but can’t I help you for once? Give those reindeer a break?

  4. Dear Santa-

    For Christmas I want to chase more cows…. And please tell my mom that I don’t need anymore WP lessons. I already know how to jog and lope in silly circles…….. Really. Humans are so peculiar….

    I would also like some more of those willy muffins if you have room….



  5. Mama MIsty [retired broodie] wishes for grandkids with gentle hands;
    Old RT wants his herd of girls back in with him (even if they steal his senior mush);
    Maddie hopes for a rider who can stick with her when she gets silly (I hope to be that rider…);
    Kate wishes for ANYTHING that’s edible.

    Merry Christmas to you and all those for whom you care.

  6. Dear Santa,

    I already have everything that a horse could want or need. But I do love those new cookies mom bought, so more of those would be great, if you’ve got room on the sleigh and it’s not too much trouble. I would also like my friend Cassie to get better, because she’s been sick a long time and she’s my trail riding buddy, and her mom is really worried about her. So if you could make her eye better soon that would be good. Say hi to the reindeer for me.


  7. Dear Santa,
    I would like a right shoulder for Christmas. My rider needs a size medium, in the kind that can actually LIFT UP FROM THE RIBCAGE, since apparently the shoulder she was born with doesn’t do that. I hope that the shoulder you bring will work well with the arm and hand she already has, though, because that hand is particularly good at handing out cookies

    Also, please, could I have some more cookies? Thank you.
    Your friend,
    p.s. I have not been a good girl this year, but if I have more cookies, I think I will be more good next year. YOU understand, don’t you, Santa?

  8. I’m pretty sure one of mine would just LOVE me to forget the grazing muzzle for the day! The others are just hanging out for their carrot and licorice horsey treats I’m sure 🙂

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