Pestilence is My Excuse – Oops – I Mean Reason…

Funny signs

Highly Unconfidential Update:

  • Nom nom noises were heard behind the dryer for a few nights
  • They stopped
  • We were happy
  • Really happy

This was right before I started sneezing…?

There was an ant on the counter.  Seriously. The day after the rodent noises stopped. I killed it with an unexpectedly violent sneeze. Poor thing didn’t have a prayer.

While I was decontaminating Sneeze Ground Zero, I looked down.

Great. A new crack in the floor.

At least, I thought it was a crack, until I realized the crack wobbled.  This crack was marching determinedly from the back door, through the kitchen, and into the (food-less) dining room.

I am certain a grievously ill mouse, with its last ragged breath, staggered on weak legs to a dark hole in the ground, and whispered into the void, “…SUGAR… in the yellow house…back door, hang a right in the kitchen…pantry…third shelf….MOUNTAINS of SUGAR…”

The ants hadn’t found the pantry yet.

I love Christmas.  It’s that sneezing, baking, ant smashing time of the year.

The good news: we’re no longer sick, the mice and ants seem to be gone, and I have loads of stuff to share with you.

The bad news: I still gotta bake: I have a black belt in Sugar Protection. I can protect sugar, in all it’s forms, from any kind of theft or natural disaster.

I know, I know. I never call. I never write.  Bad blogger!

7 thoughts on “Pestilence is My Excuse – Oops – I Mean Reason…

  1. That may be, but when you do write, you make me smile.

    Oh. My log-in changed. I used to be Tullae. It’s ’cause I had to get a blog for uni and I chose wordpress.

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