Want to See an RSPI Inspection, Start to Finish?

We had a problem with our video camera, and don’t have Murphy’s inspection video sorted out yet. But I think you will love this mare and filly as much as I did.

I fell in love with the mare instantly. I saw her in one of the outdoor stalls, and couldn’t resist taking a photo. This is one of Glenhill farm’s brood mares: Amigo Bari Von. I rarely have instant reactions to horses. This mare just knocked me OUT.

Here’s her filly, Vanilla Coast, doing her best pre-inspection deer imitation. We all shushed each other (so we wouldn’t wake her up) and tried hard not to die from cuteness overload:

I was in the arena for the filly’s inspection, getting oriented from a photographic perspective. The light was changing constantly: lots of clouds. I wanted to shoot through as many inspections as I could before Murphy, so I had an idea of how the inspection proceeded, and where I might get the best shots.  It was very gracious of Glenhill Farm to allow me in.

My photos aren’t nearly as good as theirs, but here’s mom and filly, at the first stage of the inspection.

Here’s a full RSPI inspection, start to finish, courtesy of Glenhill Farm on YouTube. The inspector gives verbal remarks at the end: you can hear what he has to say. Awesome.

Frizzy hair and black t-shirt? Yup. That’s me, standing in the middle with the other real photographers.

Totally love this pair. Terrific breeding, that’s for sure.

12 thoughts on “Want to See an RSPI Inspection, Start to Finish?

    1. I think we can safely say we’re all Murphy-O-Philes and he’s perfect in every way, including in cuteness? (Because he’s OURS! We adopted him!)

  1. Thanks for the share (and thanks Glenhill for the great sound track!). I attended a Friesian Keuring (sp?) last September and that was fascinating.
    And, welcome back. It looks like all is either well, healing or manageable in your world, and if so, that is a blessing.

    1. Thanks Beth, for the welcome back. I’m afraid it’s short lived, and we’ll be going back to sporadic, iffy posting tomorrow.

      Ooooo, a Keuring, how fun is that?

  2. Well that was great. Now how do I go about getting these two gorgeous gals. I want them! Unfortunately, I want almost every horse I see. Just wish I had the money and the room for them all. Thanks for sharing and you look great and very professional.

  3. Pretty nice…… but awefully big! I am really liking the mare I bought this past summer, even though lots of people said “A mare? You really want a mare?” The girl thing is fun!

    (I wish I had frizzy hair like that!)

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