In Which we Apologize for Hold Without Music

Dear God,

Would you mind checking the iCal on your iPad please?  I think you accidentally scheduled all of our pending family crises for the same 6 months. While I know you can’t, um, “make mistakes” because you’re God, (and God doesn’t make mistakes), I would think even Your Holiness might have a learning curve on software? We’d appreciate any re-routing you can make.

If you and Steve Jobs have been a bit too busy to connect on the details, I thought this might help:

BTW, thank you for all the wonderful things you tossed in with the hard things.  It makes it totally bearable, and me love you even more.

Oh, and consider this a prayer for great grampa. We sure would appreciate it if this could be easier for him. I’m getting his room ready as fast as I can? But he’d rather be home, if you can work it out.

Whatever you decide, you have, as always, my deepest gratitude. (But don’t forget to check your calendar!)



9 thoughts on “In Which we Apologize for Hold Without Music

  1. God buys all my challenges at Sam’s which is why I get them in bulk.

    I’m getting her/him some coupons, maybe he/she will stick to 7 crisises or less aisle.

    (hope things turn around soon)

  2. GIANT HUGS coming your way complete with slobbery kisses and shavings in your shoes, and warm horse breath in your ear, a thick black mane to hang on to, and soft, shiny brown horse shoulders to lean on. Love, Tucker

  3. lalalala, dee dee, la la
    there. music.
    As for the scheduling, just remember, He doesn’t send us anything we can’t handle. I sometimes think that He has a slightly over-inflated view of our abilities.

    Hugs to you my cyber friend,

    1. Dear God,

      Ah, thank you! I am grateful for the technical video you attached: I laughed so hard that soda came out of my nose. I’ve always appreciated your sense of humor. Can we say “Giraffe”? Comic genius. (also, anyone who can coherently use “begat” more than once in a sentence is not only insanely smart, but hilarious! )

      I believe Home Depot has stone tablets in the garden department. I’ll pick some up. But, you remember the last time I tried engraving? Thanks for getting me that particular ER doc. You can barely see the scar. I’ll use a Sharpie this time, and save us both the grief?

      Thanks for your speedy, and technical, reply.

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