Murphy Monday: 4 Month Birthday!

Jane has never gone this long without posting. The length of time away is making her feel very weird about posting again, so she is speaking in the third person, which is quite dumb, since we know it’s her. She would like to thank you for hanging in with her through a difficult time.

(My upheaval is down heaving, thank God.)

Murphy, this morning, on his 4 month birthday. He’s hitting an uneven growth spurt, and he’s getting much darker. I have no idea what his color may be called (Daisy?) but I think he’s going to shed out into that beautiful seal shade that is on his neck.

I am rusty in many areas, photography among them. Out of the 100 photos I shot today, the above is the only one in which Murphy has legs.

Why yes, a redwood tree has sprouted out of his back. I was hoping you won’t notice.


But hey, on the HUGE scale, check out his size against Barbie.

His height does cause some issues with nursing, but his yoga is excellent.

Barbie looks amazing. Motherhood is her calling. Her strictness and intolerance of bad behavior make her an amazing mom.  Murphy has manners.

Barbie and Daisy:

Psst!  Down here…

It’s me.

Do you see what I have to put up with?!? Cranky mares all around me. I’m not feeling the whole huge thing. Can you hook me up with the gelding paddock across the way? All this estrogen is killing me.

14 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: 4 Month Birthday!

  1. I have found that the best way to deal with an unexpected blogging break is to airily pretend like I haven’t quit posting at all. I just casually mention in passing anything noteworthy that occurred during my blogging break, while diving straight into my current adventure exactly like I’d been posting the whole time. YMMV 🙂

  2. Welcome home! I missed the Murphy updates, but, I knew that eventually all heaving would cease, or at least slow down to a dull nudging.
    The third person business – hell, I use that regularly! It serves to A: amuse my friends; B: annoy those same friends after the first usage: C: make teenage boys and early 20-something males smarten up in a real hurry!
    Post when you wish, and remember we who read love you and are wiling to wait for you.

  3. Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome back! I so appreciate your kind words and humor. I missed y’all a lot, stuck out there in Third Person Land. It looks like clear sailing from here: I should be back to my post a day challenge. (5 days a week.)

    If I am not funny…or shoot past Mildly Amusing, or heaven forbid, hit “What The Heck Was THAT All About?”, please remind me how humor works with your comments.
    You guys are hilarious.

  4. Missed you! And Murphy & everybody! I wouldn’t even have noticed the tree, thought that was how pictures were supposed to be….

  5. Hey there stranger, welcome back! A Murphy update is a wonderful way to make up for your absence, though we have missed you terribly. Glad to hear the upheaveling is subsiding somewhat.

    As for Murphy, well there are just no words to describe his cuteness. I want one!

  6. Redwood placements are only done by the most skilled photogs. Seriously. Who else could have centered it?

    Poor Murph. Manners are no fun to learn.

    Welcome back. The person leaving this post doesn’t care if you write in the third person, the third person is often left out and lonely and deserves some screen time.

  7. Murphy!! He’s such a little cutie. Love the sooty coloration on his withers and hind legs–can’t wait to see how he grows up. And if it helps, I didn’t notice the tree growing out of his back until you pointed it out. 😉

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