Murphy Monday: Coming to a Starbucks Near You

TLH presents the new and improved Murphy Sofa/Counter/Leaning/Cozy and Entertainment center. (Nicknamed: MUSCLE). Our corporate plan is strategic placement in prime conversation locations. Our Beta model updates weekly.

Please contact Sacking Out, Inc., if your coffee house is interested in participating.

One caveat: product moves, positioning itself for maximum pet-ability.

Upon entry to test location, you’ll find the MUSCLE’s internal homing device will instantly perceive and respond to your presence, quickly making itself available for use.

Complete with audio capability and high-speed internal processor, MUSCLE will begin to place itself appropriately to your relative positions.

While hot beverages may be placed on the shelf provided, it is not recommended, due to MUSCLE’s continual monitoring of your position.  Even a slight change will instigate MUSCLE’s repositioning for your draping pleasure.

Here we see MUSCLE ideally situated for maximum comfort: perfect for staying warm and comfortable during coffee-house conversation.

For size comparison, Daisy is 5′ 10″ and Shaun is 5′ 4″. Note the color darkening on face and neck. We are experimenting with different colors, and have not decided on a final product. We’re trying these color swatches: black on the knees above the chrome, bay on the neck, red bay on the poll, and a beautiful, but not quite liver color in areas of the face.

Product is self-updating, so stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Coming to a Starbucks Near You

  1. Okay, so my first thought seeing these pictures are, I wanna be wherever you are that you are wearing jackets this time of year!! 90 something degrees with over 60% humidity makes one envious.
    Second thought: I can’t believe the size of this guy at this age!

    1. It has been one heck of a weird weather summer. We have fog (!?!) in the mornings, it burns off to a nice 80-85 with no humidity, then rolls back in at night. Auto air-conditioning. What’s strange is we’re not THAT close to the ocean. If we get fog, it’s usually burned off by 6 am.

      Universe: please note I am not complaining. You are doing a great job! Simply noting your great job-ness…

  2. I’m guessing the colour experiments are on MUSCLE not Daisy and Shaun and oh those long legs (MUSCLE’s not Daisy or S…. you get my drift!) are just beautiful. Actually he looks like he is copying their leg movements!

    1. Just wanted to add that I have awarded you a Seven Links Award – you probably hate these things but I couldn’t resist I enjoy your blog so much! I don’t have a huge readership so it may go under the radar and there is no obligation to ‘award it on’ 🙂

    1. Holy cow, they went back 4 times into the gunfire? Saved 40 people? Heros, for SURE. Sad, that it was not picked up by the media. It does make you wonder why. Could be because they were lesbians, could be because they were women? Strong women of any persuasion are (oddly) often marginalized, and ignored.

      (Not all lesbians are strong women, of course, but the stereotype has roots: you have to have some internal strength to be openly gay, even in the more accepting parts of the world.)

      I think it does relate. Horse women have to be strong, and are the kind of women who would jump into the fray. I’m glad you put the link in. Heros need to be celebrated. It’s a tough world.

  3. MUSCLE – I love it!! What I love about this baby is there is no mom in sight in any of these photos! He is so independent! So cute. I’m 5’0″, which is 15hh (knowing this comes in handy for quick reference when I meet a new horse), so if Sean’s 4 inches taller than me… I’d guess Murph’s about 14hh now?

      1. I was thinking how mom is never in the pictures either. Mostly because she is eating her grain while we are playing with him.
        He did go for his walk outside of the paddock without her yesterday. She was fine…until he got a little too far for her liking.

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