In Which We Have Musical Hold

Post a Day challenge: I’m not done with you…yet.

Musical Hold:

My life has tripled in size, and it looks like I’ll be maneuvering this larger life through doorways, in/out of cars, to stores, airports, and the barn.  Until the end of August. My goal is to post occasionally.  The “post”  may be a phrase, photo, or AHHHHHHHHH short uninteresting update.

But something? Please? (Sorry, speaking to the universe.) I’m trying not to feel guilt or withdrawal. We’ll see how well THAT goes.

I’d like to introduce you to Hudson’s support staff.  Miss Smokey, who does his typing:

Her expression explains why she is onboard with whatever Hudson wants to write: Humans!

I found a non-disaster calendar in a doctor’s office.  Can we guess which field?  This is the doctor you go to for happy pain. That does not live with you until it’s 21.

Hm. Or is it a disaster calendar after all?

We also have an update on the Goat Mafia Road Trip victim. Since we bought rescued him for our friend, he’s grown into a healthy young man. Speedy, née, “Edward”.

May you have a blessed summer!

In the meantime, I wish this for you:

Be a light.

Be a flame.

Be a beacon.

6 thoughts on “In Which We Have Musical Hold

  1. I’ll take this time to peruse the archives… haven’t done that in a while. Road trips, lockout stories, skunk karma, Mr. Chips, rider meltdowns… don’t worry, there’s plenty to keep me busy. We’ll be here when you return! Hope you find a few minutes to sit on a back porch with your feet up and a cold drink in your hand, enjoying a summer breeze, with a fluffy black dog at your feet.

  2. Glad to hear you’re ok and just too busy to blog! Hang in there, and we’ll still be here when you come back. Hugs!

  3. I have to say that summer is probably the least relaxing time of the year! I so envy my kids. For them, it’s an endless stretch of swimming, hanging with their friends, and in my son’s case, sports. For me it’s a constant race trying to get them each to the appropriate destination, more or less at the same time, and in opposite directions!

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