Murphy Monday: In Which We Are Super Foal, Able to Leap…Wait…is this Wet?

Super Foal or convenient mobile clothesline.  You decide!

Torment Sacking out begins early when your mom is Daisy. And you have a kabillion Aunties hovering, ready to decorate help.

His color is still up in the air. He’s red bay for 2 inches behind his ears. He’s seal bay in a patch on his neck, and you can see the color of his face, where the baby fuzz is gone.

Daisy, do we have a name for this color?

FYI? Totally off topic if you click read more…blogging humor

This cracked me up this morning.

We have a spammer with this comment…“did anyone here know that 5 from 6 fellas love russian roulette?”

That would be no. And unlikely, since we still have (Royal “we”) husbands, fathers, brothers, best friends, cousins, uncles…and most of us do not want to get rid of them!



8 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: In Which We Are Super Foal, Able to Leap…Wait…is this Wet?

  1. I’m going to guess that the color on his face will be his adult color. That seems to be where they start shedding the baby coat from first. But what shade is that… if he wasn’t a bay I’d say liver chestnut. Not that that helps.

  2. He is such a cute little sucker. My sabino mare changed colors about six times from the time she was this age til about two years old–it’s so fun to watch! I can’t believe how quickly he’s changing from all the photos you’ve shown.

    You gotta wonder about the mental health of some of these spammers.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (He looks mildly annoyed… which I find really funny. The combination between mildly annoyed and completely adorable has undeniable comic effect.)

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