What’s Black and Blue and Green All Over…?

Thursday, Shaun wanted to see her hand, un-bandaged, before we went to the orthopedic surgeon on Friday.  She was worried it wasn’t “that bad”.

I suspect her thought echos all of our thinking patterns.  “It’s only an [insert injury here], it’s not that bad.”

I jumped at the chance. It’s agony to stay away from an sloppily bandaged limb. (Right?)

Shaun’s hand, unwrapped:

I began to remove the layers of Scotch Tape applied by the ER casting tech. This was stupid: the tape wasn’t holding anything. I just cut it off.

After a good look, a wash, and blow dry (hurt too much to touch) I carefully put the splint back on, and bandaged her up properly, using VetWrap to seal the ends.

Shaun looks at me with awe. She thought wrapping would hurt, because it hurt badly when the tech wrapped her.

“How did you do that?”, Shaun asks, “It was all twisted and bunched up.  It’s so smooth and unwrinkled, and the tension is perfect!”

“I know”, I say, absently, not thinking about how immodest that sounds. A couple thousand horse legs will wipe the modesty right out of you:  it’s just a skill, like learning to use a pen.  I lived through the era of No Horse  Should Be Ridden Without Polo Wraps. Having had three horses, that was 12 legs a day for years.  Add in catch riding for trainer, and bingo. Lotsa Legs.

I vote we hold training sessions for ER staff.  Just think, it’s a way horse people can give back to the community, and protect themselves in the future.

We went to the surgeon Friday.  I’m happy to report the ER, while it had the most conspicuous Disaster Of The Month Club calendar, is not alone.  There was one in the exam room of the orthopedic surgeon’s office. Yes, I whipped out my cell phone and took a picture of the disaster for…


You will never guess.  Not in a million years. (I predict TLH readers will be quite safe.)

To be posted on Tuesday…

(Oh. Shaun does not need surgery.  The fracture should heal just fine without it!)

12 thoughts on “What’s Black and Blue and Green All Over…?

  1. Hi. I have enjoyed reading your blog and wanted to introduce myself. I am new to WordPress and am a writer who specializes in equine-related topics. Connecting with other like-minded people would be wonderful. Please consider following my blog, and horse care and management articles. Constructive advice is always welcome. Thank you and have a wonderful day…

    1. It’s Murphy Monday. 😉 And I’m late. So amazing that when one person loses the use of an arm, the other family members have to grow more arms to compensate. I promise a Murphy Monday, and a Disaster Calender Tuesday!

    2. Ooh. That’s a good guess. Choking on the grape in an ambrosia salad? Food poisoning from the picnic egg salad?

      Sunburn? Based on the attacks I suffered in New England… wasps, bees or mosquitos? Poison Ivy?

      I know we won’t find out until the picture is up. I’m just trying to brainstorm ideas here. 😉

  2. Ouch! That looks painful. I think that the hardest thing about breaking my hand (and I did not break my thumb, but rather the bones under my ring and middle fingers) was how darn long it took to heal. My orthopedist kindly pointed out that I was no longer young enough to expect to bounce back like a kid. Of course, as he was very familiar with horse people, he didn’t even blanch when I asked how soon I could ride. “Go right ahead” he said. “As if I could stop you.”

    Since Shaun is likely not to do anything as crazy as riding with her hand wrapped. I’m sure she’ll heal much more quickly than I did! In the meantime, those carefully honed wrapping skills will come in handy.

  3. I have to say, there is just something so satisfying about a good wrapping job. Maybe it’s sort of like tucking the horse’s legs in for the night? I don’t know, but I totally relate to the immodesty… I take a probably unreasonable amount of pride in my polo wraps, standing wraps, tail wraps….

    Back to the point… so glad Shaun doesn’t need surgery!

  4. Glad she doesn’t have to have surgery – the recovery time should be shorter. I remember the days of polo wraps, standing wraps, you name it . . .

  5. glad to hear that no surgery is required. When I fractured my ring finger (in a horse related accident of course) I redid it with vet wrap as well. The surgeon was impressed. 🙂

  6. The thumb looks like it is in approximately the right place. Glad she does not have to have surgery. When I broke my hand the wrapping was so uncomfortable that I undid it and redid it myself, one handed. When I went to the orthopod the next day he recognized right away that the bright blue vet wrap was not ER issue. He asked who redid it, I told him I did. He asked how. I said ‘horses.’ He said, ‘ok, of course’ and nodded. He was a sports orthopod. I can’t wait to see the picture.

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