Murphy Monday: In Which We Discover…Stuff

I, Murphy, have Discovered a New Thing.

I shall call it…”Rock”.

When humans trick each other, they might stand around looking up at the sky.  Everyone else stops and looks up.

HAHA. Invisible jump!!

I shall call this discovery: “Wet”.  It’s strangely tasteless. Mom?  Why do you drink this stuff?

This is a two-legged.  They are good for getting rid of itches.  I call her “Bringer of Green Leafs and Sticks That Loves Us”. Auntie Jane calls her “Daisy”.  Whatever that is.

I have discovered a new exercise: Crouching Foal, Hidden Stallion.

(Goes well with Long-Suffering Mom. Barbie, you are such a good mom! You are SO getting a massage.)

I have discovered: I have the best mom in the whoooole world. I love her.

That thing?  I don’t know what it’s called. (I haven’t thought of a name yet) But someday? The Biped Who Brings Green Sticks and Leaves and Loves Us is going to see it just like this, between my ears, and we are gonna FLY.

12 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: In Which We Discover…Stuff

  1. The world through Murphy’s eyes is a heck of a way to see it! Loving it, as always. Hey, did you ever mention how Murphy got his name? Maybe I just missed it..

    1. I can anwer the name part.
      I had my girl name all set. Could NOT come up with a boy name. A friend said “Murphy’s Law says it will be a boy then.”
      TaDa! Murphy.
      Although the day he was born I didn’t think he looked like a Murphy- took me half the day to commit to it. I knew if I didn’t name him that day it would take a year. (My cat went unnamed for a year).

  2. I love mondays! Murphy is clearly the first colt genius to discover the world, and I like seeing it brand new through his eyes. The only thing I like better is the view through his ears! He is a shiny penny of a boy.

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