Murphy Monday: Growth Spurt and a Movie

I think we’re starting to see that warmblood body filling out…

You think I’m gonna do…WHAT??

Just looking at that triple makes me….Zzzzzzzzzz

The above makes me keel over from cuteness overload.  But in case you haven’t had enough, I took the somewhat funky cell video below to send to Daisy at work.

11 thoughts on “Murphy Monday: Growth Spurt and a Movie

    1. It is super SUPER hard. I want to squeeze and hug and lean and pick him up! I satisfy the craving (somewhat) by draping my arm across his back and down the opposite side, in the theory *cough cough* what I’m doing could be considered “sacking out”.

      It’s also very hard, (but important, heaving sigh) that I ignore the heck out of him when I first go in, and pay all my attention to mom. He’s so un-shy that he needs to know he’s not the center of the universe, right from the start. It about kills me to act as if he’s an after thought!

  1. Don’t worry Murph, you’re gonna be a superstar hunter like your Daddy. No triple combinations, unless you decide to play in the jumper ring for a day. The occasional bending line and maybe a two stride, but that will be a piece of cake for you. Just remember, knees to chin, ears forward. 🙂

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